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High-performance high-precision timing scheduling service

Project description







pip install forsun


git clone
python install

Start Server

forsund -h
usage: forsund [-h] [--bind BIND_HOST] [--port BIND_PORT] [--demon DEMON]
               [--log LOG_FILE] [--log-level LOG_LEVEL] [--driver DRIVER]
               [--driver-mem-store-file STORE_MEM_STORE_FILE]
               [--driver-redis-host DRIVER_REDIS_HOST]
               [--driver-redis-port DRIVER_REDIS_PORT]
               [--driver-redis-db DRIVER_REDIS_DB]
               [--driver-redis-prefix DRIVER_REDIS_PREFIX]
               [--driver-redis-server-id DRIVER_REDIS_SERVER_ID]
               [--extension-path EXTENSION_PATH] [--extension EXTENSIONS]

High-performance timing scheduling service

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --bind BIND_HOST      bind host (default:
  --port BIND_PORT      bind port (default: 6458)
  --demon DEMON         run demon mode
  --log LOG_FILE        log file
  --log-level LOG_LEVEL
                        log level (defaul: INFO)
  --driver DRIVER       store driver mem or redis (defaul: mem)
  --driver-mem-store-file STORE_MEM_STORE_FILE
                        store mem driver store file (defaul:
  --driver-redis-host DRIVER_REDIS_HOST
                        store reids driver host (defaul:
  --driver-redis-port DRIVER_REDIS_PORT
                        store reids driver port (defaul: 6379)
  --driver-redis-db DRIVER_REDIS_DB
                        store reids driver db (defaul: 0)
  --driver-redis-prefix DRIVER_REDIS_PREFIX
                        store reids driver key prefix (defaul: forsun)
  --driver-redis-server-id DRIVER_REDIS_SERVER_ID
                        store reids driver server id (defaul: 0)
  --extension-path EXTENSION_PATH
                        extension path
  --extension EXTENSIONS
                        extension name


forsun -h
usage: forsun [-h] [--host HOST] [--port PORT] [--exe EXECUTE] [cmd]

High-performance timing scheduling service

positional arguments:
  cmd            execute cmd (default: )

optional arguments:
  -h, --help     show this help message and exit
  --host HOST    host (default:
  --port PORT    port (default: 6458)
  --exe EXECUTE  execute cmd (default: )

forsun "set redis */5/1 * * * * * redis 'host=;command=\'SET b 1 EX 300\'"
forsun "set shell */5/1 * * * * * shell 'cmd=ls"
forsun "set beanstalk */5/1 * * * * * beanstalk 'host=;name=etask;body={}'"
forsun "set thrift */5/1 * * * * * thrift 'host=;port=4220"
forsun "set http */5/1 * * * * * http 'url=\'\''"

forsun "set redis 0 32 16 * * * redis 'host=;command=\'SET b 1 EX 300\'"
forsun "set shell 0 32 16 * * * shell 'cmd=ls"
forsun "set beanstalk 0 32 16 * * * beanstalk 'host=;name=etask;body={}'"
forsun "set thrift 0 32 16 * * * thrift 'host=;port=4220"
forsun "set http 0 32 16 * * * http 'url=\'\''"


forsun uses the MIT license, see LICENSE file for the details.

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