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Convert Fortran format specifiers to Python format strings.

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Convert Fortran format specifiers to Python format strings.

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fortran-format-converter is on PyPI so the easiest way to install it is:

$ pip install fortran-format-converter


Currently fortran-format-converter only handles simple conversions and in a single direction, Fortan -> Python.

We begin by importing the converter.

import fortran_format_converter as ffc

Now to convert a Fortran style format specification to a Python format string is as simple as supplying the convert function with the Fortran formatting specification.

>>> ffc.convert('F6.2')

Most types of Fortran format specifications are supported, such as binary.

>>> ffc.convert('B16.16')

If an invalid format string is given an error will be raised.

>>> ffc.convert('J4')
Traceback (most recent call last):
ValueError: 'J4' is not a valid Fortran format specifier

Sometimes it may be desirable to parameterized the format. This can be accomplished with the width, align, and precision fields of the Format class.

>>> format = ffc.Format('F5.2')
>>> '{:{width}.{prec}f}'.format(2.718281828459, width=format.width, prec=format.precision)

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