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A Fosscord API Wrapper for Userbots/Selfbots written in Python.

Project description


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A simple, easy to use, non-restrictive, synchronous fossbotpy API Wrapper for Selfbots/Userbots written in Python.
-using requests and websockets :)

Table of Contents

Key features

  • easy-to-use (make selfbots/userbots)
  • easy-to-extend/edit (add api wrappers)
  • readable (organized 😃 )
  • mimics the client while giving you control
  • on-event (gateway) capabilities
  • op14 and op8 member fetching
  • support for python 2.7


Python 2.7 or higher required

# Linux/macOS
python3 -m pip install -U fossbotpy

# Windows
py -3 -m pip install -U fossbotpy

Prerequisites (installed automatically using above methods)

  • requests
  • requests_toolbelt
  • brotli
  • websocket_client==0.59.0
  • filetype
  • ua-parser
  • random_user_agent
  • colorama


Contributions are welcome. You can submit issues, make pull requests, or suggest features.
Please see the contribution guidelines

Quick example

import fossbotpy
token = 'token'
base_url = ''
bot = fossbotpy.Client(token=token, base_url=base_url, log={"console":True, "file":False})

bot.sendMessage("238323948859439", "Hello :)")

def helloworld(resp):
    if resp.event.ready:
        user = bot.gateway.session.user
        print("Logged in as {}#{}".format(user['username'], user['discriminator']))
    if resp.event.message:
        m =
        guildID = m.get('guild_id') #dms do not have a guild_id
        channelID = m['channel_id']
        username = m['author']['username']
        discriminator = m['author']['discriminator']
        content = m['content']
        print("> guild {} channel {} | {}#{}: {}".format(guildID, channelID, username, discriminator, content))


More examples


  • Sending basic text messages
  • Sending Images
  • Sending Embeds
  • Sending Requests (Friends etc)
  • Profile Editing (Name,Status,Avatar)
  • On-Message (and other on-anything gateway) capabilities
  • Getting guild members
  • improve documentation
  • add interactions (slash command triggering, buttons, and dropdowns/menus)
  • add more guild http api wraps
  • media (voice & video calls, along with the various discord games/activites)
  • Everything


Q: How to fix "[SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED]" errors?

Q: import _brotli ImportError: DLL load failed: The specified module could not be found. How to fix?

Q: The owner of this website ( has banned your access based on your browser's signature.... How to fix?
A: This is because of your user agent ( Either try again or reinitialize your client with a new user agent.

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