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Project description

.. |foundation| replace:: Foundation 4
.. _foundation:

Sphinx Foundation Theme

This is a Sphinx theme based on the |foundation|_ css framework.
It was created as a by-product of the `Authomatic <>`_
authentication / authorization library.


* Responsive design
* Support for SVG in ``<img/>`` tags with fallback to PNG
* Google Analytics support
* Fork Me On Github support
* **pip** installable
* SEO rudiments

* SEO meta tags
* Open Graph meta tags
* Facebbok, Twitter and Google+ social buttons
* Authorship Google Rich Snippet


Istall with pip.

.. code-block:: bash

$ pip install foundation-sphinx-theme

Set the ``html_theme`` variable to ``'foundation'``.

.. code-block:: python

import foundation_sphinx_theme

# The theme to use for HTML and HTML Help pages. See the documentation for
# a list of builtin themes.
html_theme = 'foundation_sphinx_theme'

# Add any paths that contain custom themes here, relative to this directory.
html_theme_path = foundation_sphinx_theme.HTML_THEME_PATH

You also need to add the ``foundation`` extension in the ````.
The extension just injects some foundation |foundation|_ css classes
needed for creation of the top bar navigation.

.. code-block:: python


sys.path[0:0] = [os.path.abspath('_themes/foundation-sphinx-theme')]
extensions = ['sphinx.ext.autodoc', 'foundation_sphinx_theme']


There are two ready made styles.

* ``foundation/css/basic.css`` `See demo. <>`_
* ``foundation/css/cards.css`` `See demo. <>`_

If you want to customize them or make your own,
extend the ``sass`` sources in ``foundation/static/foundation/sass``.

Page Specific SEO Description

Use the ``..seo-description::`` directive if you want to have different SEO description
than the one specified in ``html_theme_options`` for a specific document/page.
The directive can appear anywhere in the document.
If you specify more than one, the content of the last one will be used.

.. code-block:: rst

.. seo-description::

Content of this directive overrides the seo_description
in the html_theme_options only for this page.

Title of Your Document

.. seo-description::

Value of the last seo-description directive will be used.


There are these theme options available:

.. code-block:: python


html_theme_options = {
'motto': 'Long description which appears next to logo.',

# Your stylesheet relative to the _static dir.
# Default is 'foundation/css/basic.css'
'stylesheet': '/path/to/your/stylesheet.css',

# Logo image in SVG format. If the browser doesn't support SVG
# It will try to load JPG with the same name.
'logo_screen': '',

# Logo for small screens. If ommited, logo_screen will be used.
'logo_mobile': '',

# Path to your favicon.ico file relative to the _static dir.
'favicon': '',

# Use this if the top-level items of the toctree don't fit in the top-bar navigation.
# If True, the whole toctree will be placed inside a single top-level item.
'top_bar_force_fit': True,

# The title of the aformentioned top-level item. Default is "Sections"
'top_bar_content_title': 'Sections',

# If set, Google Analytics code will be appended to body of each page.
'google_analytics_id': 'your-google-analytics-id',

# The "og:title", "og:type", "og:url", "og:site_name" and "og:description" Open Graph tags
# will be generated automatically, but you should specify the
# path to the image that you want to be used
# in the required "og:image" property relative to the _static dir.
'opengraph_image': 'path/to/your/opengraph-image.jpg',

# Any custom additional OG tags
'opengraph_tags': {
'foo': 'bar', # will be rendered as <meta property="og:foo" content="bar" />

# The "description" meta tag will be created automatically, but
# you can specify additional meta tags here.
'meta_tags': {
'foo': 'bar', # will be rendered as <meta name="foo" content="bar">

# The value for "description" and "og:description" metatags.
# If omitted, the value of "motto" will be used.
'seo_description': 'This is an example of the Foundation Sphinx Theme output.',

# Use this as the base for Open Graph URLs without trailing slash.
'base_url': '',

# If true a bar with Facebook, Google+ and Twitter social buttons will be displayed
# underneath the header.
'social_buttons': True,

# ID of your Facebook app associated with the Facebook Like button.
'facebook_app_id': '123456789',

# A Twitter ID used for the via mention of the Twitter button.
'twitter_id': 'FoundationSphinx',

# Flattr button settings.
'flattr_id': 'andypipkin', # Your Flattr ID
'flattr_title': '', # If missing docstitle or title will be used.
'flattr_description': '', # If missing seo_description or motto will be used.
'flattr_tags': '', # Optional.

# If "author" and "copyright_year" are set they will override the "copyright" setting.

# Author's name.
'author': 'Peter Hudec',

# Author's link.
'author_link': '',

# Year to be used in the copyright statement.
'copyright_year': '2013',

# Author's Google+ id. If set a G+ authorship link will be added.
'google_plus_id': '117034840853387702598',

# Fork me on GitHub ribbon will be displayed if "github_user", "github_repo" and "github_ribbon_image" are set:
# Ribbons are hidden on small screens!

# Your GitHub ID.
'github_user': 'foundation-sphinx-theme',

# The repository slug.
'github_repo': 'foundation-sphinx-theme',

# Path to the ribbon image relative to the "_static" directory.
'github_ribbon_image': 'my-github-ribbon.png',

# Position of the ribbon "left" or "right".
'github_ribbon_position': 'right',

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