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A TIBCO Fulfilment Provisioning test helper

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class TerminateGponLinkTest(fptest.FpTest):
    def test_workorders(self):
        expected_workorders = [('LST-ONTDETAIL', 'WOS_Completed'), ('DEL-ONT', 'WOS_Completed')]
        actual_workorders = [(, wo.status) for wo in self.cart_order_tracing.outgoing_workorders]
        self.assertListEqual(expected_workorders, actual_workorders)

    def request(self):
        return """
           <!-- Snipped for brevity -->

fptest.FpTest extends unittest.TestCase and overrides the setUp method to post the contents of request() to FP. It then parses ../runtime/FPNode/cartOrderTracing.00000.log into a format where it is much easier to pull information out of the trace file.

You can then write tests in Python that are expressive and repeatable. I am using nosetests and the --with-xunit flag to output a file of test results that Jenkins is post-processing!


pip install fptest


The following file structure is assumed:

|-- IntegrationTests
`-- runtime
    `-- FPNode

The directory structure is important as FpTest will look in ../runtime/FPNode for the cartOrderTracing log file.


There are two samples in the /samples directory of this project. These are tests that I am successfully running against my instance of FP.

Documentation to come

  • Explanation of setting up cartridge simulators to pass / fail depending on input values

  • Explanation of raw_params and params in the work order

  • Explanation of self.fp_url and self.fp_node_dir

  • Explanation of Trace and WorkOrder

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