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Flask Endpoints for Data Set Management and Retrieval

Project description

Flask Data Sets

Flask Endpoints for Data Set Management and Retrieval

  1. Example Usage
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Example Usage

from frappyflaskdataset import register_endpoints
from frappyflaskauth import check_login_state
from flask import Flask

app = Flask(__name__)
# create store instances for data sets
data_store = ...
# register the endpoints
register_endpoints(app, data_store, options={
    "manage_permission": "manage",
    "login_check_function": check_login_state,


Options for the register_endpoints function are:

  • api_prefix - default /api/data-sets - is the prefix under which the endpoints will be registered. This should match the prefix used in the front-end.
  • manage_permission - default None - the permission required to manage data sets (upload, update, delete), if None is provided the user just needs to be logged in.
  • get_permission - default None - the permission required to fetch data sets via the API. This can be different from the manage_permission.
  • data_folder - default _data - the local directory where to store data files (images primarily). This is relative to your applications root directory (from where you execute the start command)
  • login_check_function - default None - provide a function that performs authentication and uses Flask's abort in case the login / permission check fails. The function has 1 parameter for the required permission. You can use check_login_state from the frappyflaskauth package.
  • allow_public_binary_access - default False - a boolean flag that, when set to True will allow even unauthenticated users to download the files from all BINARY data sets and IMAGE data sets. This allows to directly include <img src="/api/data-sets/<id>/image"> without running into authentication issues (requires using ImageView)

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