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This is a tool for downloading free O’Reilly ebooks of different categories, see

This is not using scrapy on purpose (partly to avoid a configuration fest) and is implemented in two phases:

  1. crawling O’Reilly online shop to compile a list of URLs for PDF files to download, and

  2. downloading all files from the list created in 1.

Step 1 is done sequentially (for now), while for step 2 you can choose between a sequential and a parallel version using ‘requests’ and ‘aiohttp’, respectively.

See the files session1.txt, session2.txt and session3.txt in the docs/sessions folder for some use-cases of varying sizes.


You can install freebora with a simple pip install freebora from the Python Package Index, or after cloning or downloading this code from GitHub and running python3 install in its root directory. At the moment it is intended to work only on Python 3.


You can run the (pretty small) test suite like this:

# using py.test (needs a pip install pytest):
py.test -v tests

# using a minified version of py.test, included in
python3 test

Individual tests can be run like this:

py.test -s tests/


  • add an async version of the function to collect URLs (step 1 above)

  • improve command-line interface

  • add feature to download not only PDFs, but other formats, too

  • add feature to interactively select individual ebooks to download

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