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Heuristic and meta-heuristic optimisation suite in Python

Project description

FreeLunch - Meta-heuristic optimisation suite for python

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Basically a dump of useful / funny metaheuristics with a (hopefully) simple interface.

Feeling cute might add automatic benchmarking later idk.

There are literally so many implementations of all of these so... here's one more!



Your favourite not in the list? Feel free to add it.

  • Differential evolution freelunch.DE
  • Simulated Annealing freelunch.SA
  • Particle Swarm freelunch.PSO
  • Krill Herd freelunch.KrillHerd
  • Self-adapting Differential Evolution freelunch.SADE

--Coming soon to 0.1.0--

  • Quantum Bees
  • Grenade Explosion Method
  • The Penguin one

Benchmarking functions

Tier list: TBA

  • N-dimensional Ackley function
  • N-dimensional Periodic function
  • N-dimensional Happy Cat function
  • N-dimensional Exponential function



Install with pip (req. numpy).

pip install freelunch

Import and instance your favourite meta-heuristics!

import freelunch
opt = freelunch.DE(obj=my_objective_function, bounds=my_bounds) # Differential evolution

obj - objective function, callable: obj(sol) -> float or None

bounds - bounds for elements of sol: bounds [[lower, upper]]*len(sol) where: (sol[i] <= lower) -> bool and (sol[i] >= upper) -> bool.

Check out the hyperparameters and set your own, (defaults set automatically):

    # {
    #     'N':'Population size (int)',
    #     'G':'Number of generations (int)',
    #     'F':'Mutation parameter (float in [0,1])',
    #     'Cr':'Crossover probability (float in [0,1])'
    # }

    # {
    #     'N':100,
    #     'G':100,
    #     'F':0.5,
    #     'Cr':0.2
    # }

    # {
    #     'N':300,
    #     'G':100,
    #     'F':0.5,
    #     'Cr':0.2
    # }

Run by calling the instance. To return the best solution only:

quick_result = opt() # Calls optimiser.run_quick() if it exists which can be faster
                     # This can be checked with class.can_run_quick = bool

To return optimum after nruns:

best_of_runs = opt(nruns=n) 

Return best m solutions in np.ndarray:

best_m = opt(return_m=m)

Return json friendly dict with fun metadata!

full_output = opt(full_output=True)
    # {
    #     'optimiser':'DE',
    #     'hypers':...,
    #     'bounds':...,
    #     'nruns':nruns,
    #     'nfe':1234,
    #     'solutions':[sol1, sol2, ..., solm*nruns],
    #     'scores':[fit1, fit2, ..., fitm*nruns]
    # }


Access from freelunch.benchmarks for example:

bench = freelunch.benchmarks.ackley(n=2) # Instanciate a 2D ackley benchmark function

fit = bench(sol) # evaluate by calling
bench.bounds # [[-10, 10],[-10, 10]]
bench.optimum # [0, 0] 
bench.f0 # 0.0

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