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Python package to generate random human-readable strings, e.g. project and experiment names

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Python package to generate random human-readable strings, e.g. project and experiment names. The word lists are taken from glitchdomcom/friendly-words and the package provides a convenient way to access it, as well as methods to easily generate combinations.

The package is simple, limited, and over-engineered at the same time. In other words, a weekend night side project. If you need a stable package with more extensive customization, uniqueness guarantees, bigger and/or custom dictionaries, check out alexanderlukanin13/coolname.


  • No extra dependencies
  • Optional preloading to avoid re-reading word list files
  • Customizable generation (see the examples below)
  • Custom separators
  • Can return as a list of words

Quick guide

Install with PIP: pip install friendlywords

import friendlywords as fw

# optional preloading, load all word lists into memory (~41KB)
# otherwise every generation would involve reading the files

# generate random string that consists of N words (N > 0)
# if N is 1, the returned word is an object
# if N > 1, the first N-1 words are predicates
>>> 'square'
>>> 'southern florentine rain college'

# generate string that consists of a random predicate and random object
# p = predicate, o = object, t = team, c = collection
>>> 'bittersweet curio'
>>> 'wood organization'
>>> 'selection title'

# specify the separator
fw.generate('po', separator='-')
>>> 'better-tabletop'
fw.generate('ppp', separator=', ')
>>> 'elegant, skitter, sunny'
fw.generate(3, separator='/')
>>> 'winter/alkaline/handsaw' 

# return list of words instead of a string (ignores separator keyword)
fw.generate(5, as_list=True)
>>> ['laced', 'polyester', 'ossified', 'cyclic', 'chronometer']
fw.generate('pppoc', as_list=True)
>>> ['able', 'splendid', 'harvest', 'hedge', 'playlist']

# lists of all predicates, objects, teams or collections
fw.predicates, fw.objects, fw.teams, fw.collections
>>> ['windy', ...], ['turnip', ...], ['alliance', ...], ['album', ...]


  • You could make it reproducible by setting the random.seed().

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