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Enhanced archive filesystems for Pyfilesystem2

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Install directly from PyPI, using pip

pip install fs.archive


The fs.archive.open_archive context manager is the easiest way to open an archive filesystem, with an archive located on any other filesystem, determining from the file extension the type to use :

>>> from fs import open_fs
>>> from fs.archive import open_archive

>>> my_fs = open_fs(u'temp://')
>>> with open_archive(my_fs, u'') as archive:
...     type(archive)
<class 'fs.archive.zipfs.ZipFS'>

All the filesystems implemented in fs.archive also support reading and writing from and to a file handle a file handle:

>>> import fs.archive.tarfs
>>> with fs.open_fs(u'mem://') as mem:
...     with fs.archive.tarfs.TarFS(mem.openbin(u'test.tar', 'w')) as tar:
...         tar.setbytes(u'hello', b'Hello, World!')
...     with fs.archive.tarfs.TarFS(mem.openbin(u'test.tar', 'r+')) as tar:
...         tar.isfile(u'hello')

fs.archive declares three abstract base classes in fs.archive.base:

  • ArchiveSaver: defines how an archive is saved (in essence, a class managing the compression of a filesystem)

  • ArchiveReadFS: a read-only filesystem that implements the methods required to read the archive

  • ArchiveFS: a proxy filesystem used to make an archive seemingly writable

See also

  • fs, the core pyfilesystem2 library

  • fs.proxy, miscellaneous proxy filesystems for pyfilesystem2

  • fs.sshfs, a SFTP/SSH implementation for pyfilesystem2 using paramiko

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