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Directory scanner

Project description


Quickly scan a directory and yield matching entries, based on patterns and/or entry type.


This project is not maintained anymore !


  • Python 3.4+ (Python 3.6+ is preferred)
  • scandir (for Python 3.4)

The module is tested on Python 3.4 to 3.7 (included).


From PyPI

  • Open a terminal
  • Type pip3 install fsscan
    or pip3 install --user fsscan on Linux

From GitHub

  • Download the archive from GitHub
  • Unzip the archive
  • Open a terminal
  • Move to the directory containing
  • Type pip3 install .
    or pip3 install --user . on Linux


From command line

$ python3 -m fsscan


$ fsscan
usage: fsscan [-h] [-d directory] [-i] [-r] [-t {f,d,b,FILE,DIR,BOTH}] [-f]
              [patterns [patterns ...]]

Quickly scan a directory and yield matching entries.

positional arguments:
  patterns              Patterns to look for in entries names

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -d directory          Directory to scan
  -i                    Ignore case
  -r                    Recursive scan
  -t {f,d,b,FILE,DIR,BOTH}
                        Type of entry to return
  -f                    Follow symlinks of directories

From script

Using this directory tree sample

    |-- dir1/
    |   |-- logs/
    |   |   |-- file11.log
    |   |--
    |-- dir2/
    |   |-- logs/
    |   |   |-- file21.log
    |   |   |-- file22.log
    |   |--
    |   |--

Example 1 - without parameters

for entry in



Example 2 - with parameters

parameters = {
    "patterns": "*LOG*",
    "ignore_case": True,
    "wanted_type": fsscan.DIR_TYPE,
    "recursive": True,
for entry in<temp_dir>, **parameters):



<exp>*</exp> : The outputs may differ for you OS


    patterns=None, ignore_case=True, wanted_type=BOTH_TYPES,
    recursive=False, on_error=None, follow_links=False, callback=None):

directory : (str or Path)
    Directory to scan
patterns : (str or sequence of str)
    Patterns to look for in entries names
ignore_case : bool
    Ignore case
wanted_type : int
    Type of entry to return (file, directory or both)
recursive : bool
    Recursive scan
on_error : (None or callable)
    Callable to use when an error occured in scandir
follow_links : bool
    Follow symlinks of directories
callback : (None or callable)
    Callable to use after the scan (e.g. entries cast)

    Entries paths as string or callback result

For callbacks, see fsscan/


I would say a big thank you to the people listed below :

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