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An efficient multiprocessing directory walk and search tool

Project description


An efficient multiprocessing directory walk and search tool


fswalk is a simple python script that recursively walks through a filesystem directory to gather files meta-data and collect them into a json file or an Elasticsearch database. It runs several processes, each responsible of doing the list of the files contained into a subdirectory. Collected meta-data are filename, path, uid, gid, size,atime,ctime,mtime and temperature *. The output is either a json file sent on the fly to stdout, or an Elastisearch indexing. A simple search option is provided to retrieve files by their owner, group or a part of the name.

The script aslo provides an option to do a quick analyze of the resulting output file.

warning: When the results are sent to stdout, due to multiprocessing and not to slow down the thing, the json file is printed with an extra , sign that might break json compatibility. The pyjson5 python library allows such non-standard json file to be read.

*: temperature is a calculated int value from 1 to 7 based on the max(mtime,atime,ctime). 1 is the coldest (>5 years) and 7 the hottest (< 7 days)

Sample graphs that may be generated with the output produced

top_20 users

data temperatures



  • python >= 3.5
  • python packages: requests, pyjson5, elasticsearch

Installing the current stable release:

$ pip install fswalk

Installing the latest devel snapshot:

$ pip install git+


Start a walk into the /home/bzizou directory with 8 process, excluding the .snapshotsubdirectory and getting the result as a gzipped json file:

bzizou@f-dahu:~/git/fs_walk$ fswalk -p /home/bzizou -x '^/home/bzizou/\.snapshot/' -n 8 |gzip > /tmp/out.gz    

Analyze the output from the resulting file:

bzizou@f-dahu:~/git/fs_walk$ fswalk -a /tmp/out.gz
User                                       Size            Count
bzizou                               2749804131            11125
root                                 1030651826             1351
1000                                  390705282              476
11610                                    726417                7

Group                                      Size            Count
realuser                             2749795275            11119
root                                 1030660332             1356
1000                                  390705282              476
2222                                     726417                7
staff                                       350                1

TOTAL SIZE: 4171887656

Same directory scan, but we index the results into an Elastisearch database:

bzizou@f-dahu:~/git/fs_walk$ fswalk -p /home/bzizou -x '^/home/bzizou/\.snapshot/' -n 8 --elastic-host=http://localhost:9200 --elastic-index=fs_walk_home -g

Do a search for all files with the "povray" string in their path name and belonging to the user which uid is 10000:

bzizou@f-dahu:~/git/fs_walk$ fswalk --elastic-host=http://localhost:9200 --elastic-index=fs_walk_home --search="10000:*:povray:*"


Usage: fswalk [options]

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -p PATH, --path=PATH  Path to scan
  -n NPROC, --nproc=NPROC
                        Number of process to launch
                        Regular expression for path exclusion
                        Creates a summary based on a previously generated json
                        Search a subset of files with syntax:
                        [uid]:[gid]:[path_glob]:[hostname] (--analyze or
                        --elastic-host needed)
  --numeric             Output numeric uid/gid instead of names
  --hostname=HOSTNAME   Overwrite the value of the hostname string. Defaults
                        to local hostname.
  -e ELASTIC_HOST, --elastic-host=ELASTIC_HOST
                        Use an elasticsearch server for output. 'Ex:
  -P HTAUTH, --http-credentials=HTAUTH
                        File containing http credentials for elasticsearch if
                        necessary. Syntax: <user>:<passwd>
                        Name of the elasticsearch index
                        Size of the elastic indexing bulks
  -g, --elastic-purge-index
                        Purge the elasticsearch index before indexing
                        Don't check certificates files when using SSL

The ANALYZE_FILE parameter may be a gzip compressed json file or a plain-text json file.

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