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Easily download files from ftp servers!

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Easily download files from ftp servers!

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Install from PyPI using pip:

pip install ftp_download

Getting started:

ftp_download is built upon Python's ftplib, an it is a higher level interface made to allow downloads from ftp servers with simple and straightfoward code.

Here, everything starts with creating an ftplib.FTP object:

from ftplib import FTP

ftp = FTP(
    host = "",
    user = "your_login_name",
    passwd = "your_secure_password",
    acct = "your_account_if_any"

Then you can start downloading. Here are some examples:

Download a single file

For the examples here we will go with:

import ftp_download as ftpd
from ftplib import FTP
import os

ftp = FTP("")

To download a file we can do this:

# downloading /pub/R/CRANlogo.png 
# from

rp = "/pub/R/CRANlogo.png"
lp = os.path.expanduser("~") # Download to user folder

ftpd.file(ftp, remote_file_path=rp, local_path=lp)

Notice that local_path was specified, but if not, ftp_download will save the files in {user_folder}/Downloads/ftp_download.

Download files from a folder

You can also give a path to a folder and download everything from there, notice that this is not recursive, and will get only the files at the top level of remote_path.

rp = "/pub/R/web"
lp = os.path.expanduser("~") # Download to user folder

ftpd.from_folder(ftp, remote_path=rp, local_path=lp)

It's also important to notice that currently, ftp_download will not create a "web" folder on the local_path specified.

Important configurations

ftp_download will have a standard behavior that can be tweaked by changing the default values of ftp_download.Conf:

import ftp_download as ftpd

# To stop printing event messages to stdout (default: True)
ftpd.Conf.verbose = False

# To change the standard download path (default: {user_folder}/Downloads/ftp_download)
ftpd.Conf.download_folder = "C:\\my\\custom\\path"

# To change the maximum amount of concurrent downloads (default: 20)

For more information, read the documentation.

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