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Initial FTPS Binary File Upload/Dowload connector code for Pensieve

Project description

# FTPS Upload
Prepared by: Brian Cohn
[![Build Status](](
# Installation
pip install ftpsconnector

# Installation from GitHub
git clone && cd ftpsconnector
pip install -r requirements.txt
pip install .
pytest #only for brian's test case

# Example usage:

### Bring in dependencies and set up user/pass
import ftplib
from helper_functions import *

ftp = connect(user='brian', password='your_password_here')
You need to define a file called `password.txt` and include only one line with your password in plaintext. Do not commit this file, use a .gitignore.

You can view files on the server's home folder with `ftp.retrlines('LIST home')`.

### Upload big file
input_filepath = "~/" #use full path
destination_filepath = "home/brian_scratch/"
tx_with_progress(ftp, input_filepath, destination_filepath,
### Download that file back to local
filepath_pensieve = "home/brian_scratch/"
filepath_local = "~/Downloads/" #use full path
receive(ftp, filepath_pensieve, filepath_local,
### Close out the connection
ftp = None

# Devnotes
python sdist upload -r pypitest
python sdist upload -r pypi
Make sure the `~/.pypirc` file has the correct info. See [Link](

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ftpsconnector-0.2.2.tar.gz (3.4 kB view hashes)

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