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Transcription APIs encapsulation

Project description


ftvstt is a France Télévisions python library which encapsulates multiple online speech-to-text APIs, in order to call them as easily as possible.

It currently supports :

  • Amazon Transcribe
  • Google Cloud speech-to-text
  • Vocapia Voxsigma
  • Bertin Mediaspeech


ftvstt is not currently available through pip, you have to download the package and import it directly : ftvstt is currently available through pip by running : pip install ftvstt. You should then be able to import the package :

import ftvstt


Example of transcription through the services:

Vocapia Voxsigma:

vocapiaTranscriber = ftvstt.Vocapia("")
transcript = vocapiaTranscriber.transcribe("/path/to/file.wav")

Bertin Mediaspeech:

bertinTranscriber = ftvstt.Bertin("")
transcript = bertinTranscriber.transcribe("/path/to/file.wav")

Amazon transcribe:

amazonTranscriber = ftvstt.Amazon("AMAZON_S3_BUCKET_NAME")
amazonTranscriber.authenticate("AMAZON_AWS_ID_KEY", "AMAZON_AWS_SECRET_KEY")
transcript = amazonTranscriber.transcribe("/path/to/file.wav")

You can also authenticate directly with path to the credentials csv file:


You need an amazon AWS S3 bucket besides Amazon AWS Transcribe in order to make transcriptions.

If your file is already on a S3 bucket, use instead:

transcript = amazonTranscriber.transcribe("https://url/to/s3/file.wav", s3file=True)

Google cloud speech-to-text:

googleTranscriber = ftvstt.Google()
googleTranscriber.authenticate("GOOGLE_CLIENT_EMAIL", "GOOGLE_PIVATE_KEY")
transcript = googleTranscriber.transcribe("/path/to/file.wav")

You can also authenticate directly with path to client service credentials json file with google.


Custom vocabulary file

For every provider except Bertin, you can add a custom vocabulary file of probable words as shown :

googleTranscriber = ftvstt.Google()
transcript = googleTranscriber.transcribe("/path/to/file.wav")

The vocabulary file should be of the form:


Results handling

Once a transcription is done, the transcribe function of a Transcriber returns a Transcript instance from ftvstt.transcripts sub-module.

A Transcript instance, as transcript in previous codes, has several useful attributes :

transcript.text: a string containing the textual transcript of the audio file.
transcript.words: a list of Word instances from ftvstt.transcripts sub-module, each one has a content (str), a startTime (float), an endTime (float), a speaker (Speaker instance from ftvstt.transcripts sub-module) (and can have a confidence (float) depending on the provider used) attribute.
transcript.speakers: a list of Speaker instances from ftvstt.transcripts sub-module, each one has an id (int), (and can have a gender (str : "M" or "F") depending on the provider used).
transcript.raw: a string containing the raw result of the transcription received from the provider, which type is transcript.rawType (str : "json" or "xml").

You can also dump the results in a normalised (the same format for any provider) json file:


You can also load a transcript from a raw result file:

with open("/path/to/bertin/raw/result.xml") as file:
    raw =

transcript = ftvstt.Transcript(raw=raw, provider=ftvstt.Bertin)

Error handling

If an error has occured during transcription, a custom python Exception from the ftvstt.exceptions sub-module will be raised. The error will also be accessbile in the exception attribute of the transcript result, as you can see in this example:

googleTranscriber = ftvstt.Google()
    transcript = googleTranscriber.transcribe("/path/to/file.wav")
raise transcript.exception


Coming soon...

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