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A simple task content type for Plone.

Project description


ftw.task provides a simple task content type for Plone.

Certified: 01/2013


Workspace / PDF: When installed with with ftw.workspace and ftw.pdfgenerator it provides a listing in the workspace details PDF.


  • Add the package to your buildout configuration:

eggs +=
  • Install the generic setup profile.

3.0.1 (2018-03-26)

  • Workaround for adding portlets when “Products.PloneHotfix20160830” (1.3) is installed. [mbaechtold]

3.0.0 (2016-11-21)

  • Drop Plone 4.1 and 4.2 support. [jone]

  • Fix responsible field in tabbed view for contacts. [lknoepfel]

2.4.7 (2014-09-15)

  • Update translations [msom]

2.4.6 (2014-06-02)

  • Add Plone 4.3 test config. [mathias.leimgruber]

  • Update French translations. [tschanzt]

2.4.5 (2013-10-16)

  • Add French translations. [tschanzt]

2.4.4 (2013-08-14)

  • Add permissionmapping for ftw.lawgiver [elioschmutz]

2.4.3 (2013-04-23)

  • Updated translation. [Julian Infanger]

2.4.2 (2013-01-30)

  • Hide fields in task, using a dictionary instead of False or -1. [Julian Infanger]

  • approved: add badge to readme. [jone]

  • Use safe-html-transform for textfield (security audit). [mathias.leimgruber]

  • Workspace details PDF: do not show empty listings. [jone]

  • Fix task portlet for anonymous users and zope users. #5 [jone]

  • Fix task creation for Plone 4.2. #4 [jone]

2.4.1 (2012-10-16)

  • Fix history.txt [mathias.leimgruber]

2.4 (2012-10-16)

  • Use ftw.calendarwidget for datetime fields. [mathias.leimgruber]

  • Make Portlet work with Users that don’t Userid as Loginname. [tschanzt]

2.3.5 (2012-06-20)

  • Add task view tests. [jone]

  • Fix template when task has no workflow. [jone]

  • Testing: use p.a.testing instead of PloneTestCase. [jone]

2.3.4 (2012-06-13)

  • Fixed translations. [Julian Infanger]

2.3.3 (2012-03-19)

  • Fix [mathias.leimgruber]

2.3.2 (2012-03-19)

  • Add tasks listing for ftw.workspace details PDF. [jone]

2.3.1 (2012-03-05)

  • Use th instead of td.table_label for heading in vertical listing table. [Julian Infanger]

  • Use plone default classes for table. [Julian Infanger]

2.3 (2011-09-08)

  • Added plone.po file [ttschanz]

2.2 (2010-12-22)

  • Fixed name of index used to determine users tasks [lgraf]

2.1 (2010-11-18)

  • Fix in getUserInfo. [Julian Infanger]

  • Cleanup Task content type module, removed AnnotationStorage from some fields [jone]

  • Fixed catalog stuff, renamed ‘responsibility’ index to ‘getResponsibility’ [jone]

  • rebuild Translations

  • renamed from izug.task to ftw.task, made changes for plone4 support

1.0c3 (2010-10-26)

  • Fixed import error in [jone]

1.0c2 (1010-06-18)

  • Use docs/HISTORY.txt / remove CONTRIBUTORS.txt [jone]

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