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A module for developping client-server web application entirely in Python, with semantic data persistance using OWL ontologies and remote function calls (RPC) via Ajax or WebSocket.

Project description

FullPy is a high-level Python module for developing client-server web application. Here are the main features:

  • Both client and server are written in Python, and can share pieces of code. FullPy uses Brython for client-side execution of Python in the web browser.

  • Semantic-aware data persistance using OWL ontologies instead of a database. FullPy uses Owlready2 for managing ontologies and automatically storing them in a SQLite3 database.

  • Remote function calls between client and server, with object serialization. FullPy can use both Ajax (single way client->server calls) or WebSockets (client->server and server->client calls)

  • FullPy also provides many high-level services, such as authentication, translation support, HTML widget system, etc.

  • FullPy can run over multiple backend: Flask, Werkzeug and Gunicorn (only Gunicorn is supported for WebSockets).

Short example

Here is an example of FullPy web application:

# Server

import sys, os, os.path
from fullpy.server import *

class MyWebApp(ServerSideWebapp):
  def __init__(self):
    ServerSideWebapp.__init__(self)          = "demo"
    self.url           = "/index.html"
    self.title         = "FullPy demo"
    self.static_folder = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), "static")

    self.use_python_client(os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), ""))
    self.use_ajax(debug = True)

  @rpc # Mark the function as remotely callable by the client (RPC = remote procedure call)
  def server_hello(self, session):
    return "Hello world!"

from fullpy.server.gunicorn_backend import *
serve_forever([MyWebApp()], "")
# Client

from fullpy.client import *

class MyWebApp(ClientSideWebapp):
  def on_started(self):
    def done(response):
      html = HTML("""FullPy Demo loaded Ok! Server says: '%s'.""" % response)
    webapp.server_hello(done) # Call the server_hello() remote function on the server



version 1 - 0.1

  • Initial release

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