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A collection of custom collections implamented in pure python.

Project description

# funky-collections

A set of collections implamented in pure python. Nessesary? No, probably not; most of the built in collections are writtten in C so they will be faster, but I was challenged to build a lower level c style collection the other day in python and my interest has been piqued! All collections are currently implamented using a doubly linked array approach with some optimizations of the special methods that most sequence types contain.

Currently Available:

  • Immutable Lists

  • Immutable Fixed Length Lists

  • Mutable Lists sort of

  • Mutable Fixed Lenth Lists sort of

Todo: * Sets * Tuples * FIFO Stack * FILO Stack * Optimize collections by introducing new tree search methods * Test all of the things! * Benchmark all of the things!

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