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Generates and installs FxOS apps

Project description

FxOS App Generator

A tool to generate, and optionally install, an FxOS application with any given

You can install this package from pypi as 'fxos_appgen'.


You must have 'adb' installed.
If you need to install adb, see

Once installed, add adb to your PATH in your ~/.bashrc
or equivalent file, by adding the following line to the file
(replacing $SDK_HOME with the location of the android sdk):


Your phone must have Marionette installed on it and running on port 2828. If
your phone does not have Marionette installed, you can install it using this

To forward Marionette's port to 2828, run::

adb forward tcp:2828 tcp:2828


You should set up and run this tool inside a virtual environment. From the
root directory of your source checkout, run::

virtualenv venv

Then activate the virtualenv::

source bin/activate

To install::

python install


Once installed, you will have access to 'fxos_appgen' from the command line.

You can run it like so::

fxos_appgen [options] app_name details_file

By default, it assumes 'adb' is on your path and will generate a v1.3 certified
app named '' in your current working directory. It will not install the
app by default.

To modify this behaviour, use the options listed here::

fxos_appgen --help

Details File

The details_file must contain the permissions, and may contain the optional

This file is required, unless you use the --all-permissions option. If you use
--all-permissions, then you may pass in this file to define the other optional
fields, but the 'permissions' section of the details_file will be ignored.

Permissions (required unless --all-permissions option is used)

To set permissions on your application, you need to pass in a JSON file
containing the permissions you wish to include.

Under the reference/ folders, you'll find complete_permissions.json files.
These files contain the full list of permissions available for their respective
FxOS versions. Use these files as references for your own permissions file.

For example, if I wanted to have an app with only "read" access to "contacts"
for v1.3, my permissions file will only contain this::
"permissions": {
"contacts":{ "access": "readonly" },

The "access" options take either "readonly", "readwrite", "readcreate" and

For more information on permissions, please see

System Messages (optional)

Certain permissions require you to direct system messages to a particular page
in your app. For example, if you have "sms" as a permission, then you likely
want your app to listen for "sms-delivery-success", which will tell your app
that the sms was sent successfully.

By default, if you specify a permission that has related system messages,
the app generated will assigned its messages to be received at the
launch_path. If you would like to change where the messages get received,
then you can add a "messages" section to your permissions file and direct
the messages the way you like. Here's an example::

"permissions": {
"sms": {}
"messages": [
{ "sms-delivery-success": "/index.html" }

For v1.3 builds:

For trunk builds:

Datastore Access (optional)

If your app needs access to a datastore, please add it to your permissions
file as either "datastore-owned" or "datastore-access" as needed, like so::

"permissions": {
"sms": {}
"messages": [
{ "sms-delivery-success": "/index.html" }
"datastores-owned": {
"download_store": {
"access": "readwrite",
"description": "Stores successful downloads"

Description (optional)

You may customize the description of your app. Add a "description" section
to your permissions file with the desired text. Example::
"permissions": {
"sms": {}
"description": "My test application"

By default, we provide the description for your app as "Generated app".

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