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Galaxy datatype framework and datatypes

Project description


The Galaxy models, datatype framework, and datatype implementations.


24.1.1 (2024-07-02)

Bug fixes


Other changes

24.0.3 (2024-06-28)

Bug fixes

  • Downgrade count lines error to warning by @mvdbeek in #18175

  • Don’t set dataset peek for errored jobs by @mvdbeek in #18231

  • Transparently open compressed files in DatasetDataProvider by @mvdbeek in #18248

  • Raise exception when extracting dataset from collection without datasets by @mvdbeek in #18249

  • Set page importable to false when serializing by @mvdbeek in #18263

  • Fix first_dataset_element type hint by @mvdbeek in #18284

  • Do not copy purged outputs to object store by @mvdbeek in #18342

  • Fix user’s private role can be missing by @davelopez in #18381

  • Assign default data extension on discovered collection output by @mvdbeek in #18389

Other changes

  • Replace busybox:ubuntu-14.04 image with busybox:1.36.1-glibc by @mvdbeek in #18428

24.0.2 (2024-05-07)

No recorded changes since last release

24.0.1 (2024-05-02)

Bug fixes

  • Always serialize element_count and populated when listing contents by @mvdbeek in #17890

  • Fix deadlock that can occur when changing job state by @mvdbeek in #17896

  • Fix tool form building if select filters from unavailable dataset metadata by @mvdbeek in #17930

  • Fix InvalidRequestError: Can't operate on closed transaction inside context manager. Please complete the context manager before emitting further commands. by @mvdbeek in #17932

  • Never fail dataset serialization if display_peek fails by @mvdbeek in #17937

  • Fix output datatype when uncompressing a dataset with incorrect datatype by @nsoranzo in #17944

  • Use or copy StoredWorkflow when copying step by @mvdbeek in #17988

  • Raise MessageException when report references invalid workflow output by @mvdbeek in #18009

  • Fix tag regex pattern by @jdavcs in #18025

  • Fix History Dataset Association creation so that hid is always set by @mvdbeek in #18036

  • Fix history export with missing dataset hids by @davelopez in #18052

  • Fix comments lost on import by @ElectronicBlueberry in #18060

  • Fix history update time after bulk operation by @davelopez in #18068

24.0.0 (2024-04-02)

Bug fixes


23.2.1 (2024-02-21)

Bug fixes


Other changes

23.1.4 (2024-01-04)

Bug fixes

Other changes

23.1.3 (2023-12-01)

Bug fixes

  • Add missing optional description field, fixes ephemeris data library example by @mvdbeek in #17116

23.1.2 (2023-11-29)

Bug fixes

  • Skip change_datatype things if we’re not actually changing the extension by @mvdbeek in #16931

  • Fix copying metadata to copied job outputs by @mvdbeek in #17007

  • Update tar_to_directory dependency by @mvdbeek in #17009

  • Assert that DatasetCollectioElement has an associated object by @mvdbeek in #17071

  • Fix input dates in notifications: consider timezone offset by @davelopez in #17088

  • Allow relative URLs in broadcasts action links by @davelopez in #17093


23.1.1 (2023-10-23)

Bug fixes


Other changes

23.0.6 (2023-10-23)

Bug fixes

  • Fix extra files path handling by @mvdbeek in #16541

  • Don’t fail invocation message without dependent_workflow_step_id by @mvdbeek in #16628

23.0.5 (2023-07-29)

Bug fixes

  • Copy when_expression when copying workflow step by @mvdbeek in #16377

23.0.4 (2023-06-30)

No recorded changes since last release

23.0.3 (2023-06-26)

No recorded changes since last release

23.0.2 (2023-06-13)

No recorded changes since last release

23.0.1 (2023-06-08)

Bug fixes

  • Display DCE in job parameter component, allow rerunning with DCE input by @mvdbeek in #15744

  • Fix folder listing via file browser by @mvdbeek in #15950

  • Fix RO-crate invocation export with complex collections by @davelopez in #15971

  • Backport Improve display chunk generation for BAMs by @mvdbeek in #16007

  • Ensure history export contains all expected datasets by @davelopez in #16013

  • Various fixes to path prefix handling by @mvdbeek in #16033

  • Fix dataype_change not updating HDCA update_time by @mvdbeek in #16099

  • Fix mypy error due to alembic 1.11.0 by @nsoranzo in #16104

  • Fix extended metadata file size handling by @mvdbeek in #16109

  • Fix implicit converters with optional parameters by @mvdbeek in #16133

  • Make ctx_rev optional in InstalledToolShedRepository response model by @dannon in #16139

  • Fix optional fields being validated as missing in ts api by @jmchilton in #16141

  • Support ro crate 0.8.0 and 0.7.0 by @mvdbeek in #16193

  • Verify existence of default value attribute for user forms fields by @guerler in #16205

20.9.0 (2020-10-15)

  • First release from the 20.09 branch of Galaxy.

20.5.0 (2020-07-04)

  • First release from the 20.05 branch of Galaxy.

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