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Create a static HTML/CSS image gallery from a bunch of images.

Project description

Create a static HTML/CSS image gallery from a bunch of images.


2007-2021 Jochen Kupperschmidt


MIT, see LICENSE for details.


  • Integrates ImageMagick to resize images and create thumbnails.

  • Generates clean, slim, semantically appropriate HTML5 and uses CSS 3 for styling. As a result, the output can easily be themed.

  • Provides HTML access keys for keyboard navigation.

  • Optimizes images to reduce size and remove metadata.



It is recommended to create a virtual environment and run gallerize inside it.

To install ImageMagick, jpegoptim, and virtualenv on Debian/Ubuntu:

$ aptitude install imagemagick jpegoptim python-virtualenv

This should also give you a copy of pip.

Create a virtual environment called venv in the application path:

$ virtualenv venv

Activate it (note the space after the first dot!):

$ . venv/bin/activate

Install the dependencies of this application:

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Install gallerize itself:

$ pip install -e .


Install test dependencies:

$ pip install -r requirements-test.txt

Run tests:

$ pytest


To create a gallery in the directory output from a all images in the directory images:

$ gallerize output/ images/*

See the usage help for more information on specifying a gallery title, image captions, image dimensions, and more:

$ gallerize --help


Version 0.4

Released 2021-05-21

  • Added support for Python 3.7, 3.8, and 3.9. Removed support for versions older than that.

  • Added command line option --html-only to only regenerate HTML files. (contributed by Ryan Daniels)

  • Added command line option --optimize-images to optimize and strip metadata from images. (contributed by Ryan Daniels)

  • Added command line option --version to show version number.

  • Turned single module into package.

  • Added type hints.

  • Tweaked HTML and CSS.

  • Updated Jinja to 3.0.1 (from 2.11.3).

Version 0.3.2

Released 2015-08-09

  • Added support for Python 3.4.

  • A few tweaks here and there.

Version 0.3.1

Released 2013-10-03

  • Added support for Python 3 (3.3, actually).

  • Handle missing static path.

  • Improved documentation.

Version 0.3

  • Added README.

  • Added tests.

  • Added option to include image captions from text files.

  • Switched from XHTML to HTML5.

  • Tweaked template markup and styling. Added CSS transitions.

Version 0.2

Released 2010-04-02

  • Switched image processing from Python Imaging Library (PIL) to ImageMagick.

  • Switched template engine from Genshi to Jinja 2.

  • Merged formerly separate script to resize images into the main script.

  • Added option to only copy but not resize images.

  • Removed jQuery-based animation (because it became annoying).

Version 0.1

Released 2007-08-11

  • Initially released.

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