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Create a event driven architecture with garlic improve your development experience

Project description

🧄 Garlic

Craft powerful Event-Driven Architectures (EDA) in Python, effortlessly. With Garlic, respond to app events, like user actions, in a snap.

Why Garlic?

Simple, Yet Robust: Drawing inspiration from tools like Celery and FastAPI, Garlic brings a fresh approach to EDA, making it approachable without sacrificing power.

  • 🚀 EDA Simplified: Want actions like email notifications or newsletter sign-ups after a user registers? Garlic streamlines these event-driven responses.
  • 📦 FastAPI Inspired: Just as FastAPI made web APIs intuitive, Garlic aims to demystify EDA.
  • 🔍 Beyond Regular Tasks: While Celery is a go-to for background tasks, Garlic emphasizes responding to events.
  • 📝 Typed and Transparent: Using Python typings, understand and control the data in your events.
  • 🔌 Flexible & Extendable: Adapt and grow Garlic according to your needs.

Coming Soon

📖 Visual Event Flows: We're building tools to visually map out your event-driven pathways, similar to how web routes are displayed in some platforms.

Get Started

  1. Install:
pip install garlic
  1. Dive In: FastAPI integration example
  • Create a file with:
from fastapi import FastAPI
from garlic import Garlic, BaseEvent

bus = Garlic()

api = FastApi()

class CustomerRegisteredEvent(BaseEvent):
    name: str

def send_email(event: CustomerRegisteredEvent):

def subscribe_to_newsletter(event: CustomerRegisteredEvent):

def register_user(user: dict):
    # .... business logics  ....
    # ... http response ...
  • Run the app with uvicorn main:api --reload
  • Send a POST request to http://localhost:8000/customer/register/ with a JSON body like {"name": "Uriel Reina"}
  • Check the terminal to see the event being published and handled by the subscribers


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details.

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