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Library for applying OCR to where the user is looking.

Project description


The gaze-ocr package makes easy to apply OCR to wherever the user is looking. This library is designed for voice control and is currently tied to Dragonfly. See for more information.


  1. Follow instructions for installing screen-ocr.
  2. Download the latest Tobii.Interaction package from NuGet (these instructions have been tested on 0.7.3).
  3. Rename the file extension to .zip and expand the contents.
  4. Copy these 3 DLLs to a directory of your choice: build/AnyCPU/Tobii.EyeX.Client.dll, lib/net45/Tobii.Interaction.Model.dll, lib/net45/Tobii.Interaction.Net.dll.
  5. Ensure that the files are not blocked (right-click Properties, and if there is a "Security" section at the bottom, check the "Unblock" box.)
  6. pip install gaze-ocr


Provide the path to the DLL directory when constructing an EyeTracker instance.

Sample Dragonfly grammar:

import gaze_ocr
import screen_ocr

from dragonfly import (

# See installation instructions:
DLL_DIRECTORY = "c:/Users/james/Downloads/tobii.interaction.0.7.3/"

# Initialize eye tracking and OCR.
tracker = gaze_ocr.eye_tracking.EyeTracker.get_connected_instance(DLL_DIRECTORY)
ocr_reader = screen_ocr.Reader.create_fast_reader()
gaze_ocr_controller = gaze_ocr.Controller(ocr_reader, tracker)

class CommandRule(MappingRule):
    mapping = {
        # Click on text.
        "<text> click": gaze_ocr_controller.move_cursor_to_word_action("%(text)s") + Mouse("left"),

        # Move the cursor for text editing.
        "go before <text>": gaze_ocr_controller.move_cursor_to_word_action("%(text)s", "before") + Mouse("left"),
        "go after <text>": gaze_ocr_controller.move_cursor_to_word_action("%(text)s", "after") + Mouse("left"),

        # Select text starting from the current position.
        "words before <text>": gaze_ocr_controller.move_cursor_to_word_action("%(text)s", "before") + Key("shift:down") + Mouse("left") + Key("shift:up"),
        "words after <text>": gaze_ocr_controller.move_cursor_to_word_action("%(text)s", "after") + Key("shift:down") + Mouse("left") + Key("shift:up"),

        # Select a phrase or range of text.
        "words <text> [through <text2>]": gaze_ocr_controller.select_text_action("%(text)s", "%(text2)s"),

        # Select and replace text.
        "replace <text> with <replacement>": gaze_ocr_controller.select_text_action("%(text)s") + Text("%(replacement)s"),

    extras = [

    def _process_begin(self):
        # Start OCR now so that results are ready when the command completes.

grammar = Grammar("ocr_test")

# Unload function which will be called by natlink at unload time.
def unload():
    global grammar
    if grammar: grammar.unload()
    grammar = None

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