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Generic Configuration Language

Project description

gcl -- Generic Configuration Language

GCL is an declarative modeling language that can be dropped into any Python project. It supports
dictionaries with name-value pairs, all the basic types you'd expect, lists, includes, and methods
for abstraction.

The goal for GCL is to be a modeling language with lots of expressive power, intended to make
complex configurations extremely DRY. Behavior is not part of the goal of the language; behavior and
semantics are added by scripts that interpret the GCL model.


Detailed documentation is available at [](

Quick GCL showcase

GCL is built around named tuples, written with curly braces:

# This is a comment
# Various data types:
number = 1;
string = 'value'; # Strings can be doubly-quoted as well
bool = true; # Note: lowercase
expression = number * 2;
list = [ 1, 2, 3 ];


a = 1 + 1;
b = 'foo' + 'bar';
c = 80 * '-';

d = inc(1); # Function application
e = inc 1; # Can omit parens with 1 argument

# Conditionals
allow_test_commands = if stage == 'alpha' then true else false;

# List comprehension
evens = [ x * 2 for x in [1, 2, 3, 4, 5] if x % 2 == 0 ];

Tuples and accessing tuple members:

tuple = {
foo = 3;

that_foo =;

Includes and tuple composition:

http = include 'library/http.gcl';
server = http.Server {
port = 8080;

Using the library

You now know enough GCL to get started. Using the library looks like this:

import gcl
from gcl import util

# Load and evaluate the given file
model = gcl.load('myfile.gcl')

# This gives you a dict-like object back, that you can just index

# Translate the whole thing to a Python dict (for example to convert to JSON)
dict_model = util.to_python(model)

import json


* Uses `pyparsing`.


* Vim syntax definitions available:

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