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Easily create an authorized service-object for interacting with google's client APIs, server to server.

Project description

Easily create an authorized service-object for interacting with google’s client APIs server to server.


Do you have a google service account, and want to be able to programatically access google APIs without having to have a user present to validate an OAuth2 flow?

This library makes it simple to create an authorized service object based on three pieces of information:

  1. A google “Project Id.”

  2. A service account email.

  3. The service account’s private key.

After providing these pieces of information, you will be able to make server to server requests to any supported API.


This project is in PyPi and is installable with pip.

pip install gclient-service-account-auth

Because this library depends on the cryptography library, which has extensions written in C, OSX Mavericks users may experience difficulty with the pip installation. If the error is akin to “command ‘cc’ failed with exit status 1” Executing (in bash):

export CFLAGS=""

before running pip install should fix the problem.


When communicating with Google’s APIs programatically, not on behalf of a user it makes sense to sign a token with a private key, rather than perform an OAuth flow.

To get a private key that google will accept do the following:

  1. Create a project at Developer Console and note it’s project-id

  2. Within that project’s “APIs & auth” section, enable the appropriate API.

  3. Within that project’s “APIs & auth” section, under “Credentials” click “Create New Client ID” and create a “Service Account.”

  4. Place the created service accounts “email address” in an environment variable on your server called “DEFAULT_SERVICE_ACCOUNT_EMAIL.”

  5. Generate a new keypair for that service account, store it on your server, and create a environment variable “DEFAULT_KEY_LOCATION” containing a path to that key.

Once the steps above are complete, it’s simple to create an authorized service object that can access a given API:

from service_account_auth import AuthorizedService

my_analytics_service = AuthorizedService(

The code above will create an authorized service object which can be used to access google analytics API endpoints:

s = my_analytics_service.service
analytics_account_list =

Likewise, by varying the service_name and service_version arguments, you can access any available API with the same format and credentials.

Supported Services

Google provides python client libraries for many of its APIs. This library can create authorized service objects for the following APIs:


Created with AuthorizedService('proj-id', 'bigquery', 'v2').

Analytics Read-only

Created with AuthorizedService('proj-id', 'analytics-read', 'v3').

Analytics Read/Write

Created with AuthorizedService('proj-id', 'analytics', 'v3').

For many of those not listed here, suport is as simple as providing the correct scope url for the api. See ‘Contributions.’


Contributions are welcome through github pull requests or issues. Especially for increasing the available scope of services.

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