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Asyncio Python Client for Google Cloud Pub/Sub

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$ pip install --upgrade gcloud-aio-pubsub


This Pub/Sub implementation is a slim wrapper around google-cloud-pubsub==0.25.0 with a few key features:

  • intermittent gRPC communication errors are (optionally) captured

  • an optionally infinite async subscription poller has been introduced

The upstream pubsub implementation has been pinned to 0.25 since newer versions can cause odd errors when combined with asyncio processing. At the time of this writing, a new version of the upstream pubsub implementation is being generated – once we’ve tested that version, will update this library.

Here’s the rough usage pattern for subscribing:

import gcloud.aio.pubsub as pubsub

subscriber = pubsub.Client(project)
topic = subscriber.topic(topic)
subscription = topic.subscription(subscription)

async for job_id, message in subscription.poll():
    # do something with message
    await subscription.acknowledge([job_id])

A couple additional features you might want to play with:

# creates a subscription/topic if it does not exist

# the retries argument can be used to retry acks when intermittent gRPC
# errors are received
await subscription.acknowledge([job_ids], retries=3)

# the max_intermittent_errors argument can be used to retry pulls when
# intermittent gRPC errors are received
# setting max_intermittent_errors=None allows any number of these errors
async for job_id, message in subscription.poll(max_intermittent_errors=3):

# similarly, the max_errors argument can be used to retry pulls when
# any non-intermittent error is generated by the pull command
# setting max_errors=None allows any number of these errors
async for job_id, message in subscription.poll(max_errors=3):

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