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Automates recurring USD deposits and asset allocation for GDAX.

Project description

Usage: gdax_recurring [OPTIONS]

This script automates recurring USD deposits and asset allocation for

When run, it will check whether a deposit needs to be made and, if so,
initiate the deposit using a linked bank account.

Then, if there is enough available USD in the GDAX account, it will buy
currencies using all of the available USD, given a user-specified asset
allocation. Currencies are traded at market price at the time the script
is run.

This script is meant to be run as a cron. The cron can be run at any
interval less than the `deposit-interval` -- I recommend daily. The script
will ensure that deposits are only made every `deposit-interval`
irrespective of how often it is run. Please make sure that only one
instance of gdax_recurring is running at a time to prevent duplicate

In addition to the CLI options, a few environment variables must be



pip install gdax_recurring

Example usage:

export GDAX_API_KEY=<your_api_key>
export GDAX_API_SECRET=<your_api_secret>
export GDAX_PASSPHRASE=<your_passphrase>
gdax_recurring -d 100.00 -i 15 -m 50.00 -a LTC 0.5 -a ETH 0.25 -a BTC 0.25


The above invocation will deposit $100.00 every 15 days. In addition,
if the GDAX account has at least $50.00 available to trade, all of the
available USD will be used to buy other currencies as follows:

50% will be used to buy LTC
25% will be used to buy ETH
25% will be used to buy BTC

-d, --deposit-amount TEXT Amount to deposit every `deposit-interval`
-i, --deposit-interval INTEGER Interval in days after which a deposit
should be made
-m, --min-available-to-trade DECIMAL
The minimum available balance in USD that,
when met, will result in an allocation
-a, --allocation-percentage <TEXT DECIMAL>...
A currency and the percentage of available
funds that should be allocated to it. This
option may be provided multiple times for
different currencies and the total
percentage should add up to 1. If the total
percentage is less than one, the remainder
will be left as USD.

Example: -a ETH 0.25
-a BTC 0.25 -a LTC 0.5
-h, --help Show this message and exit.

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