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Create documentation and class references from your Godot GDScript code.

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GDScript Docs Maker

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Docs Maker is a set of tools to convert documentation you write inside your code to an online or offline code reference in the markdown format.

If you make plugins or a framework for Godot, GDScript Docs Maker will help you save a lot of time documenting your code.

It creates documents following Godot's built-in class reference. You can see an example with our Godot Steering Toolkit documentation

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Note: This program requires Godot 3.2+ and Python 3.7+ to work.


You can install GDScript Docs Maker with pip:

# On Linux and MacOS:
python3 -m pip install gdscript_docs_maker

# On Windows, if you installed Python 3.7+, you can use:
python -m pip install gdscript_docs_maker

Getting Started

In this section, we're showing you how to use the program to generate a code reference quickly.

You need to:

  1. Write docstrings inside your GDScript code.
  2. Use one of the shell programs that ships with this add-on.

Writing your code reference

Document properties and functions with comment blocks placed on the line before their definition:

# A linear and angular amount of acceleration.
class_name GSTTargetAcceleration

# Linear acceleration
var linear: = Vector3.ZERO
# Angular acceleration
var angular: = 0.0

# Resets the accelerations to zero
func reset() -> void:
	linear = Vector3.ZERO
	angular = 0.0

Your docstrings can be as long as you want.

Generating the markdown files

We wrote two shell scripts to automate the steps in generating a code reference: ./ for Linux or MacOS, and ./generate_reference.bat for Windows.

Use either of them to quickly generate your code reference:

Generate a code reference from GDScript.

Usage: $project_directory (optional)$output_directory


$project_directory -- path to your Godot project directory.
This directory or one of its subdirectories should contain a
project.godot file.
$output_directory -- directory path to output the documentation into.


-h/--help -- Display this help message.

You need godot to be available on the system PATH.

Hugo output

You can output markdown files for hugo, the static website engine.

To do so, call GDScript docs maker with the --format hugo option. You can use two extra flags with this:

--date YYYY-MM-DD, the date in iso format, if you want the documents to have a date other than today. Default:
--author author_id, the id of the author on your hugo website, to assign an the author for the documents. Default: ""

Here's how I generate the Godot Steering Toolkit's documentation. This command outputs the class reference straight into the website:

python3 -m gdscript_docs_maker $HOME/Repositories/godot-steering-toolkit/project/reference.json --format hugo --author razoric --path $HOME/Repositories/website/content/docs/godot-steering-toolkit/reference/classes/ 

The manual way

If you want to generate the JSON and convert it manually, there are three steps involved:

  1. Copying the GDScript files ./godot-scripts/ and ./godot-scripts/ or ./godot-scripts/ to your Godot 3.2 project.
  2. Running the GDScript code with Godot, either from the editor ( or by calling Godot from the command line (
  3. Running gdscript_docs_maker on the reference.json file that Godot generated in the previous step.

Note: to parse and collect data from GDScript code, we rely on the GDScript language server that's new in Godot 3.2.

Converting JSON

Call the gdscript-docs-maker package directly using the python -m option:

Usage: gdscript_docs_maker [-h] [-p PATH] [-v] [--dry-run] files [files ...]

Merges or converts json data dumped by Godot's GDScript language server to
create a code reference.

positional arguments:
  files                 A list of paths to JSON files.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            Show this help message and exit.
  -p PATH, --path PATH  Path to the output directory.
  -v, --verbose         Set the verbosity level. For example, -vv sets the
                        verbosity level to 2. Default: 0.
  --dry-run             Run the script without creating
                        files and folders. For debugging purposes.

The program takes a list of JSON files. For example, we generate the code reference of our AI framework Godot Steering Toolkit like so with the shell:

python -m gdscript-docs-maker ~/Repositories/godot-steering-toolkit/src/reference.json


This document lists new features, improvements, changes, and bug fixes in every GDScript docs maker release.

GDScript Docs Maker 1.3.0


  • Create an index page with a table of contents. To do so, use the new command-line option --make-index. This generates an extra file.
  • You can now link between classes, including to specific methods and properties:
    • Write [ClassName], [ClassName.symbol], or [symbol_in_this_class] and docs maker will replace it with a link to the corresponding page and heading.
  • Add support for the class categorymetadata: this allows you to group classes by categories. Add a line with# category: My Category` in your class's docstring to register a category for it.
  • Classes now show all ancestors they extend, and the extends list links to the reference of parent classes.
  • Store and write key project information: name, description, and human-readable version string.
    • We get them from the Application Settings in your Godot project.
    • For the project version, in 3.2.0, you need to add it yourself as `application/config/version. It must be with the form "1.0.0". Future or more recent Godot versions should have this defined by default. Upon exporting your game, Godot should also use this version number.


  • The Windows generate_reference.bat command-line script now supports command-line flags and arguments. The script also now checks for and prevents common errors.
  • Remove extends line if the class doesn't extend any type.
  • Remove properties summary and methods summary if the class respectively doesn't have public properties or methods.


  • Changed the default export directory to "export", as we use "dist" to build the program's pip package itself.

GDScript Docs Maker 1.2.1


  • Move the pip package's configuration to setup.cfg.
    • The setup now automatically finds packages and data.
    • This improves type checks and imports with mypy.

Bug fixes

  • The tool now outputs regular markdown code blocks instead of hugo shortcodes by default.
  • The script you can run from Godot's editor now rebuilds the language server cache so you don't need to restart Godot to rebuild the JSON class data.
  • Fixed an error in markdown conversion when the Godot Language Server generates empty classes in the generated JSON file.
    • If a class doesn't have a name, docs maker will now skip it.

GDScript Docs Maker 1.2

In development


  • Add code highlighting to the hugo output format.
  • Add --date and --author command line flags for the hugo front matter output.
  • Add support for the abstract tag, for abstract base classes.
  • Add GDScript code highlighting for the hugo export format.
  • Add support for enums.


  • The documents now only have 1 empty line betweens paragraphs, headings, etc. instead of 2 to 4.

GDScript Docs Maker 1.1


  • New output format for the static website engine hugo with toml front-matter. Use the --format hugo option to select it.
  • New --dry-run command-line option to output debug information.

Bug fixes

  • Use code blocks for functions instead of inline code.

GDScript Docs Maker 1.0

This is the initial release of the program. It can collect and generate a code reference from your Godot GDScript projects.


  • Parses and collects docstrings from GDScript files, using Godot 3.2's Language Server. Outputs the data as JSON.
  • Converts the JSON data to markdown files.
    • Writes methods, static functions, signals, member variables, and class data.
    • Only writes relevant sections. For example, the tool only creates a "Method Descriptions" section if there are methods in the class.
    • Skips built-in callbacks, i.e. _process, _input, etc.
    • Skips the constructor, _init, unless it has arguments.
    • Skips private functions and member variables, unless tagged as virtual.
  • Supports tags in the source code with the tags: keyword followed by comma-separated strings, like tags: virtual, deprecated.
    • Currently, the program only takes virtual into account, but it does store all the tags.
  • There are two shell scripts for POSIX shells (sh, bash, etc.) and Windows CMD, respectively. Use them to generate your code reference instantly.

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