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Annotate and convert GEL images (PAGE, agarose gels, etc.) acquired from e.g. Typhoon scanners, GelDocs or similar.

Project description

Tools and utilities to convert and annotate .GEL or .TIFF image files from e.g. Typhoon scanners and GelDocs.

The primary use of this application/package is to add lane annotations to gel images. The application can be installed and used as any other application, e.g. by simply double-clicking a .GEL file and then selecting the annotate-gel application to annotate the gel. It features a simple GUI where you can add the text you want to display above each lane and configure how the final gel image appears. Gels can be scaled, cropped, rotated, etc. The application will export a SVG file with the cropped/rotated gel image, overlayed by the given annotations. The SVG file can be automatically converted to a PNG, which is sometimes more convenient for presentation usage.

FAQ: What are GEL images and who cares?

Gels are widely used in molecular biology and biotechnology for analyzing the size of biological molecules, e.g. DNA or proteins. When analysing samples on gels via gelelectrophoresis, samples are loaded at the top of the gel in well/indentations at the top of the gel. Charged molecules are then dragged through the gel by applying an electric field across the gel. Larger molecules have more interaction with the gel matrix. This drag reduces the migration rate through the gel. Smaller molecules travels faster through the gel. This creates a pattern of bands on the gel. Bands from the a sample in one well will form a vertical “lane” as they travel through the gel.

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