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A Python client for running Geocortex Reporting jobs.

Project description

Geocortex Reporting Client for Python


This Python library makes it easy to run Geocortex Reporting or Geocortex Printing jobs.


  • Python 3.6 or later

Installing the package

This package is published to PyPi, and can be installed using pip:

pip install geocortex-reporting-client

Generating a report

The client exports a run async function that will return a url to the report upon completion.

from geocortex.reporting.client import run

url = await run("itemid", [... other arguments])


item_id is required. All other arguments are optional.

Argument Type Description
item_id str The portal item ID of the Reporting or Printing item.
portal_url str The URL of the ArcGIS Portal instance to use. Defaults to ArcGIS Online: ""
token str The Portal access token to be used to access secured resources. If not provided requests to secured resources will fail.
culture str The culture to use for localization. For example "en-US".
result_file_name str The name assigned to the output file. It is used as the suggested name when downloading the result.
dpi int The DPI to use when rendering a map print. Defaults to 96.
use_polling bool When True, the job service will be polled periodically for results. When False, connect to the job service using WebSockets to listen for results. It's recommended to use WebSockets where possible. Defaults to False.
**kwargs** any Other parameters to pass to the job. These are commonly used to parameterize your template. For example run("itemid", FeatureIds=[1, 2, 3])


Find further documentation on the SDK on the Geocortex Developer Center

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