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A simple geojson provider for faker

Project description


This is a faker provider that generates fake geojson data. It simulates all the different types of features and geometries in the geojson specification. There is also a test suite for the class and it's methods run with pytest.


Install from source:

pip install git+


pipenv install git+

Install with pip:

pip install geofactory


GeoFactory is just an additional community provider for geojson.

An example might look like this:

from faker import Faker

from geofactory import GeoFactory

factory = Faker()


pt = factory.point()

pt is now a valid geojson Point feature. All methods follow this pattern.



Returns a given number of random longitude/latitude pairs.


Returns a single geojson point object with random coordinates


Returns a multipoint geojson object with a random number of random points :param: count_limit - determines the maxiumum number of points generated


Returns a linestring geojson object with a random number of nodes :param: node_limit - determines the maxiumum number of nodes generated


Returns a multilinestring with a random number of segments with a random number of nodes :param: node_limit - determines maximum number of nodes for a given linestring :param: count_limit - determines the maximum number of line segments generated


Returns a randomly arranged polygon with a specific number of nodes :param: node_limit - determines how many nodes will be in the return polygon


Returns a geojson multipolygon with a specific number of randomly arranged polygons :param: count_limit - determines how many polygons will be created


Returns a specific number of random geojson geometries as a collection :param: count_limit - determines how many geometries will be generated


Returns a random geojson feature object


Returns a specific number of random features in a feature collection object :param: count_limit - determines how many features will be generated


Writes geojson object to file :param: path - full path and filename for data to be written to :param: data - valid geojson object to dump in path


Open an issue, fork the repo, submit a PR. This is a tiny side project I built to be used while developing an app that ingested geojson, so there aren't a ton of guidelines.

If you make changes to existing methods, be sure to run pytest to make sure they all are still passing. If you write a new method or class, please include some basic pytest cases.

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