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Adaptive Precision Floating-Point Arithmetic and Fast Robust Predicates for Computational Geometry for Python

Project description

geompreds - A Python wrapper for 2D predicates of Jonathan Richard Shewchuk

Many computational geometry applications use numerical tests known as the orientation and incircle tests. The orientation test determines whether a point lies to the left of, to the right of, or on a line or plane defined by other points. The incircle test determines whether a point lies inside, outside, or on a circle defined by other points. [Adaptive Precision Floating-Point Arithmetic and Fast Robust Predicates for Computational Geometry].


  • Download the source

  • Run python install (or python develop)

  • Run python test/ to run the tests.


>>> from geompreds import orient2d, incircle
>>> orient2d( (0, 0), (10, 0), (10, 10)) # left turn (positive), looking from above
>>> orient2d( (0, 0), (10, 0), (20, 0)) # straight (zero)
>>> orient2d( (0, 0), (10, 0), (10, -10)) # right turn (negative), looking from above
>>> incircle((0,0), (10,0), (0,10), (0,10)) # on boundary
>>> incircle((0,0), (10,0), (0,10), (1,1)) # inside, value positive
>>> incircle((0,0), (10,0), (0,10), (-100,-100)) # outside, value negative


See CHANGES.txt.

Bug reports

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Please add as much information as possible to help us fixing the possible bug. We also encourage you to help even more by forking and sending us a pull request.

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MIT License

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