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getchanges is a utility for retrieving changelogs

Project description

getchanges aims to be a CLI tool for finding and retrieving changelogs for any package. That means:

  • system packages (apt, zypper, pacman, brew, …)

  • language packages (pip, gem, cargo, …)

  • ad-hoc scripts (curl > /bin/foobar, …)

This project is a Work In-Progress! Expect very little for now and avoid the disappointment.

If you’re looking to contribute – that’s fantastic, I’m always open to getting some helping hands! Feel free to dive right in.


The rough end goal is to have:

$ changes [-sSOURCE] [--from FROM_VERSION] [--to TO_VERSION] NAME


  <NAME>                   Sets the name (of package / command) to search.
  -s, --source <SOURCE>    Provides a source language restriction/hint.
  -f, --from <FROM>        Outputs the Changelog beginning with this version.
  -t, --to <FROM>          Outputs the Changelog ending with this version.


My plan is to start by requiring source hints, which will let me build up a library of package-source-parsers:

$ changes -spy coveralls  # parses
                          # finds
$ changes -sbrew ripgrep  # parses
                          # finds
                          # locates

I’ll also want to expand this to cover packages whose names do not match their cli commands, eg. so utilities can be looked up directly:

$ changes -sbrew rg  # determines rg -> ripgrep
                     # parses
                     # finds
                     # locates

Once that has some coverage, I’ll expand the “Changelog locator” chunk:

$ changes -spy coverage  # parses
                         # finds
                         # links to
                         # locates
$ changes -sgem mailchimp-api  # parses
                               # finds
                               # locates

By now, it will probably be obvious that some projects will simply refuse to be easy to work with, so I’ll probably try to come up with a decently straightforward way to drop-in overrides. Hopefully, I’ll have been keeping the various pieces separate enough to avoid letting this step turn into too much of a headache.

At that point, I can work on changelog parsers – I realize there are infinite possible options here, but a bit of best-effort parsing of .md, .rst, NEWS, GitHub releases, and commit logs should be a decent 80% – especially if I focus on various “standards” such as conventional changelogs.

This will allow me to add version range flags with a reasonable chance of working:

$ changes -srust clap --from v2.31.2  # parses

And, finally, a more general search function can get played with until I end up with my rough end goal:

$ changes hub --from 2.4.0 --to 2.5.1  # parses


  1. bump

  2. clog -C -F –setversion=x.y.z

  3. git add

  4. git commit -m ‘chore(release): bump version’

  5. git tag -a x.y.z –cleanup=whitespace

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