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package for plone getpaid handling discounts

Project description

This package provides product discount functionality for the getpaid framework.


0.11 (2010-09-02)

  • Remove dependency on five.formlib [larubbio]

0.10 (2010-09-01)

  • Fix dependencies and stray i18n files [larubbio]

0.9 (2010-07-29)

  • Allow users to enter multiple discount codes

  • Do not truncate discount printout in cart

0.8.3 (2009-05-24)

  • Fix a bug introduced in 0.8.2 [larubio]

0.8.2 (2009-05-24)

  • Make discount code case insensitive

  • Add help text in cart viewlet

0.8.1 (2009-05-12)

  • trim whitespace from the discount code [larubbio]

0.8 (2009-05-12)

  • added discount code. There is a known bug were the discount total is not updated if a user adds an item into their cart, adds the code, then adds a second of that item. [larubbio]

  • created a browser layer to suppress viewlets when product is not installed [larubbio]

0.7.1 (2008-01-28)

  • added discount details on thank you page (belowcartthankyou) [flejard]

0.7 (2008-12-30)

  • added the listing of the discount below the cart resume [lucielejard]

0.6 (2008-10-09)

  • fixed a bug that happens in Plone 3.1. If you have in your products, you can’t add an item to your cart.

0.5 (2008-08-29)

  • Added buildout files and general text documents to project root.

  • removed setup.cfg

  • updated the readme since we are no more using the zcml slugs into the buildout

0.4 (2008-08-21)

  • Eggified package

Detailed Documentation

Tested with
  • Plone 3.0.6

  • PloneGetPaid 0.6.0

  • Not fully working with Plone 2.5.5, see the note at the bottom

Steps to install
  • uncomment the egg into buildout.cfg

  • run bin/buildout

  • start your instance

  • go to portal_setup and run the steps for the profile


After running the steps, on each payable product, you will have an available action to make the product “discountable” or “buy x get y free”.


Once you make a product discountable, you will have a new tab “Discountable” available to you, for you to edit/update your discount.


When you make a product discountable, it will automatically show the Discounted Product portlet instead of the default PGP one.


When there are some discounted items in your cart, a viewlet with the list of discounts will show up automatically on the cart listing.


When you use Plone2.5, you can’t uncomment the zcml slugs for the egg into buildout.cfg because it creates an error when you start your instance. I haven’t found a fix for that yet. The consequences are that the portlet for the Discounted Product details won’t show up. You can probably put the overriding into your own product, and use what I’ve put into the overrides.zcml as a model.

Developped by Six Feet Up. Contact: lucie AT sixfeetup DOT com, or lucielejard on irc.


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