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Buildout recipe to download bazaar branches

Project description

This recipe can be used to get development checkouts from Bazaar repositories for zc.buildout.




  • Allow fetching eggs directly from bzr repositories.

  • The specified repositories are branched locally on the first buildout run. It is possible to use these local branches for development and make local changes. The local changes can be committed locally, and can be pushed back to the remote repository or to any other location.

  • When buildout is run again, the branches are updated (pulled) automatically from the remote location. If pulling causes conflicts, buildout continues gracefully, but it gives an error message to notify the user about the problem. The parent branch (pull) location remembered by bazaar will be used for pulling, so it is possible to change this any time from bzr, and the recipe will use the new location from that point on.

  • Local changes can be pushed back manually to the remote branches. This is not enforced and is in the responsibility of the user. The recipe does not do any checks at uninstall time, neither does it remove the local branches. Please note however that your changes will not propagate upstream, unless you do the necessary push.

  • Parameters are similar to those used with “infrae.subversion” and also compatible with the “bazaarrecipe” package.

  • With bzr-svn, the remote branch can also be an svn branch. So it actually can be used to branch off native svn repository branches as well (although, performance of updates will depend on bzr-svn’s performance, thus infrae.subversion may provide faster operation for svn.)

Compatibility changes

The default recipe is now doing a relaxed repository checkup, compared to the recent versions. This is described in the goals. Important changes from recent versions:

  • On update, if “pull” is unsuccesful, the recipe will give an error with the bzr command output, but it will not cause buildout to stop with an error. The developer needs to look at this output to realize that the update has not taken place.

  • There is no uninstall any more. The developer is no more enforced to commit and push her changes. Note that the branch will never be removed, thus the developer won’t loose local changes in any way, unless she willingly deletes the branch.

The old behaviour is still available, in the “strict” recipe:

recipe = gf.recipe.bzr:strict

If you find problems using the recipe after an upgrade, please try to use the “strict” recipe.


Usage example:

recipe = gf.recipe.bzr
urls = kss.plugin.sdnd kss.plugin.livesearch
in_parts = False
http_authentication = username:password

This will bzr get the branches to bzr/kss.plugin.sdnd and bzr/kss.plugin.livesearch. Branches are pulled if buildout is called.

No directories are really removed on uninstall, this has the consequence that if the buildout configuration is changed, the local repositories will not follow the new pull location, but instead will continue using the pull location known by bzr.

The in_parts option

in_parts is by default false, which means the directory that holds the branches is created in the buildout root. This is the default mode as it is handy for development. If in_parts = True is specified, then the directory will be created in the parts directory (compatible with infrae.subversion).

The http_authentication option

If http authentication is specified as username:password, it will be used for authenticating into http and https realms. This is rarely needed as ssh offers a more comfortable repository access, but it allows password protected http access that would not be easy (or possible at all) otherwise.

The option is inactive with bzr+ssh:// repository urls.

The develop option

The branches fetched by the recipe are also installed as development eggs, by default. The develop = False option can be used to force the recipe not to develop the eggs. This can be useful, for example, to use buildout to update local read-only bazaar mirrors of an svn repository:

recipe = gf.recipe.bzr
urls=              trunk         1.2         1.4
develop = False

recipe = gf.recipe.bzr
urls=              trunk         1.2         1.4
develop = False

Other configuration needed

In addition you also need to include the eggs you configured with the recipe, in the buildout section:

eggs =

Recent changes

Changelog for gf.recipe.bzr

(name of developer listed in brackets)

gf.recipe.bzr - 1.0rc8 Released 2009-07-31

  • Fix uninstall recipe by making it ignore ‘.bzr’ and other directories starting with ‘.’. [sidnei]

gf.recipe.bzr - 1.0rc7 Released 2009-07-31

  • Cleaned up options handling (true vs True, etc). [sidnei]

  • Cleaned up the ‘strict’ recipe to reuse most of the ‘default’ recipe where possible, avoiding duplication. [sidnei]

  • Only update checkouts if buildout is in ‘newest’ mode. [sidnei]

gf.recipe.bzr - 1.0rc6 Released 2009-07-14

  • Fixed Python 2.4 compatibility [ree]

  • Add ‘destination’ option to use an arbitrary branch directory instead of the location relative to the buildout root (depending on the value of ‘in_parts’) [therve]

gf.recipe.bzr - 1.0rc5 Released 2009-06-22

  • release candidate rc4 skipped [ree]

gf.recipe.bzr - 1.0rc4 Unreleased

  • Add support for specifying ‘shared-repo’ and ‘format’, which is useful for branching inside a bzr branch and making it fast for subsequent large branches from the same repo, or ‘rich-root’ branches inside non-rich-root branches. [sidnei]

  • Use ‘shell=true’ to subprocess and then call just ‘bzr’ instead of ‘bzr.bat’. The shell will figure out the extension for us. [sidnei]

  • Allow specifying a revisionspec for a branch in the url, using ‘@’, just like in subversion. [sidnei]

gf.recipe.bzr - 1.0rc3 Released 2009-04-21

  • Fix a missing call to BZR that caused a breakage on Windows [ree]

gf.recipe.bzr - 1.0rc2 Released 2009-04-19

  • Change the working directory to the buildout root before get, to avoid possible errors when the current working directory is inside a bazaar working tree. [ree]

gf.recipe.bzr - 1.0rc1 Released 2009-04-12

  • COMPATIBILITY CHANGE. The recipe is changed to do much more relaxed checking. The original recipe is available as #strict, in an unchanged form. [ree]

  • Handle offline mode more correctly. Offline mode is still not detected during uninstalls, but it’s handled correctly on updates. [Vladimir Iliev <>, ree]

  • Fix it to run on Windows [Vladimir Iliev <>]

  • Fix the url matching scheme for manually adding passwords via the http_authentication parameter [Vladimir Iliev <>]

  • Add “develop” option [ree]

  • Fix usage of “–remember” for pull locations at initial checkout. [ree]

  • Properly fix updates, and uninstall checks. Uninstall forces to push all pending changes, but still does not physically delete directories. [ree]

  • Initial package structure. [ree]


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