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Scientific Python Package for G/G/c Queueing Simulation

Project description


Scientific Python package for G/G/c Queueing Simulation

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* **Documentation**: ` <>`_
* **Repository**: ` <>`_
* **Read the Docs**: ` <>`_

Requirements and Python 2/3 compatibility

This package runs under **Python 2** and **Python 3**, and has been tested with
**Python 2.7.6** and **Python 3.4.0**.


See `LICENSE.txt <LICENSE.txt>`_.


Development environment

Use `tox`_ to `prepare virtual environments for development`_.

.. _prepare virtual environments for development:>

.. _tox:

To set up a **Python 2.7** environment in ``.devenv27``, run::

$ tox -e devenv27

To set up a **Python 3.4** environment in ``.devenv34``, run::

$ tox -e devenv34


This package uses `setuptools`_.

.. _setuptools:

Run ::

$ python sdist

or ::

$ python bdist

or ::

$ python bdist_wheel

to build a source, binary or wheel distribution.

Complete Git Integration

Your project is already an initialised Git repository and ```` uses the
information of tags to infer the version of your project with the help of
`versioneer <>`_.

To use this feature you need to tag with the format
``vMAJOR.MINOR[.REVISION]``, e.g. ``v0.0.1`` or ``v0.1``.
The prefix ``v`` is needed!

Run ::

$ python version

to retrieve the current `PEP440`_-compliant version.
This version will be used when building a package and is also accessible
through ``ggcq.__version__``.
The version will be ``unknown`` until you have added a first tag.

.. _PEP440:

Sphinx Documentation

Build the documentation with ::

$ python docs

and run doctests with ::

$ python doctest

Alternatively, let `tox`_
`configure the virtual environment and run sphinx <>`_::

$ tox -e docs

Add further options separated from tox options by a double dash ``--``::

$ tox -e docs -- --help

Start editing the file `docs/index.rst <docs/index.rst>`_ to extend the

`Read the Docs`_ hosts the project at

.. _Read the Docs:

Add `requirements`_ for building the documentation to the
`doc-requirements.txt <doc-requirements.txt>`_ file.

.. _requirements:

Continuous documentation building

For continuously building the documentation during development, run::

$ python autodocs

Unittest & Coverage

Run ::

$ python test

to run all unittests defined in the subfolder ``tests`` with the help of `tox`_
and `py.test`_.

.. _py.test:

The py.test plugin `pytest-cov`_ is used to automatically generate a coverage

.. _pytest-cov:

Continuous testing

For continuous testing in a **Python 2.7** environment, run::

$ python test --tox-args='-c toxdev.ini -e py27'

For continuous testing in a **Python 3.4** environment, run::

$ python test --tox-args='-c toxdev.ini -e py34'

Requirements Management

Add `requirements`_ to the `requirements.txt <requirements.txt>`_ file which
will be automatically used by ````.

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