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API client for the Ghost blogging platform

Project description

# Unofficial Ghost API client

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This is a client library for the [Ghost blogging platform API](

## Installation

$ pip install ghost-client

## Usage

See []( for documentation on the REST endpoints and available fields and parameters.

from ghost_client import Ghost

# to read the client ID and secret from the database
ghost = Ghost.from_sqlite(

# or to use a specific client ID and secret
ghost = Ghost(
client_id='ghost-admin', client_secret='secret_key'

# log in
ghost.login('username', 'password')

# print the server's version

# create a new tag
tag = ghost.tags.create(name='API sample')

# create a new post using it
post = ghost.posts.create(
title='Example post', slug='custom-slug',
markdown='', # yes, even on v1.+
custom_excerpt='An example post created from Python',

# list posts, tags and users
posts = ghost.posts.list(
fields=('id', 'title', 'slug'),
formats=('html', 'mobiledoc', 'plaintext'),
tags = ghost.tags.list(fields='name', limit='all')
users = ghost.users.list(include='count.posts')

# use pagination
while posts:
for post in posts:
posts = posts.next_page()


# update a post & tag
updated_post = ghost.posts.update(, title='Updated title')
updated_tag = ghost.tags.update(, name='Updated tag')

# note: creating, updating and deleting a user is not allowed by the API

# access fields as properties
print(post.markdown) # needs formats='mobiledoc'
print( # needs include='author'

# delete a post & tag

# upload an image
ghost.upload(file_obj=open('sample.png', 'rb'))
ghost.upload(file_path='/path/to/image.jpeg', 'rb')
ghost.upload(name='image.gif', data=open('local.gif', 'rb').read())

# log out

The logged in credentials will be saved in memory and on HTTP 401 errors the client will attempt to re-authenticate once automatically.

Responses are wrapped in `models.ModelList` and `models.Model` types to allow pagination and retrieving fields as properties.

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