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A GitHub release helper

Project description


Stefan Eletzhofer


This is a little tool to help me with releasing stuff to GitHub.


ghrelease - a GitHub release helper

    ghrelease --version
    ghrelease [options] list <reponame>
    ghrelease [options] create --tag=TAG [--name=RELEASE_NAME] [--body=FILE] [--draft | --prerelease] <reponame> [<file>...]
    ghrelease [options] upload --tag=TAG <reponame> <file>...
    ghrelease [options] open (--tag=TAG | --latest) <reponame>

The `list` command lists available releases.

The `create` command creates new releases, optionally uploading some assets.

The `upload` command uploads assets to a existing release.  It's not possible to
replace assets -- the command will complain if you're trying to upload an existing

The `open` command opens the release's web page in the system default browser.

    -h --help           show this help
    -u --user=USER      github login name
    -p --password=PASS  github password
    --password-env=ENV  read password from system environment [default: GHRELEASE_PASS]
    --user-env=ENV      read user name from system environment [default: GHRELEASE_USER]
    --owner=OWNER       github owner [defaults to the user name]
    --debug             debug logging
    -v, --verbose       print more text


Listing all releases of a given repository:

$ ghrelease --user fred --pass s3kr17 list some-repo
RELEASE    release-name (v0.3) @
PRERELEASE release-name (v0.2) @
PRERELEASE release-name (v0.1) @

Passing credentials via command line is insecure and ugly:

$ export GHRELEASE_USER=fred
$ export GHRELEASE_PASS=s3kr71
$ ghrelease list some-repo
RELEASE    release-name (v0.3) @
PRERELEASE release-name (v0.2) @
PRERELEASE release-name (v0.1) @

Creating a new release for tag v0.4 named super-duper, using the local file docs/changelog.rst as release notes, uploading some zip file:

$ ghrelease create some-repo v0.4 --name super-duper --body docs/changelog.rst
Release created:
RELEASE    super-duper (v0.4) @
uploading (application/octet-stream) ...

Open the web page of that release:

$ ghrelease open --tag v0.4 some-repo

Uploading assets to an existing release:

$ ghrelease upload some-repo --tag v0.4 LICENSE
uploading file (application/octet-stream) ...
uploading file LICENSE (application/octet-stream) ...

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