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A git clone wrapper that automatically uses --reference to save time and space.

Project description

License: GPL-3

A git clone wrapper that automatically uses –reference to save disk space and download time.


To install git-autoshare in a fancy way, we recommend using pipsi.

Pipsi is a powerful tool which allows you to install Python scripts into isolated virtual environments.

To install pipsi, first run this:

$ curl | python

Follow the instructions, you’ll have to update your PATH.

Then simply run:

$ pipsi install git-autoshare

To upgrade git-autoshare at any time:

$ pipsi upgrade git-autoshare

If you want git autoshare-clone to be invoked transparently in place of git clone, create the following bash script, name id git, and place it in your PATH before /usr/bin/git:

if [ "$1" == "clone" ]
    /usr/bin/git autoshare-clone "$@"
    /usr/bin/git "$@"


Configuration file

To configure it, create a file named git-autoshare/repos.yml in your user configuration directory (often ~/.config on Linux). This file must have the following structre:

        - organization
        - ...

It lists all git hosts, repositories, and organizations that are subject to the sharing of git objects. Here is an example:
        - odoo
        - OCA
        - OCA
        - acsone

git autoshare-clone command

If configured like the example above, when you git clone the odoo or mis-builder repositories from one of these github organizations, git autoshare-clone will automatically insert the --reference option in the git clone command. For example:

$ git autoshare-clone

will be transformed into:

$ /usr/bin/git clone --reference ~/.cache/git-autoshare/

git autoshare-prefetch command

The autoshare-prefetch command is mostly meant to be run in a cron job:

$ git autoshare-prefetch --quiet

will update the cache directory by fetching all repositories mentioned in repos.yml.

It can also prefetch one single repository, for example:

$ git autoshare-prefetch

Environment variables

The cache directory is named git-autoshare where appdirs.user_cache_dir is. This location can be configured with the GIT_AUTOSHARE_CACHE_DIR environment variable.

The default configuration file is named repos.yml where appdirs.user_config_dir is. This location can be configured with the GIT_AUTOSHARE_CONFIG_DIR environment variable.

By default git-autoshare invokes git as /usr/bin/git. This can be configured with the GIT_AUTOSHARE_GIT_BIN environment variable.





This project is maintained by ACSONE SA/NV.


1.0.0a1 (2017-10-10)

  • first packaged version

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