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git extension for interaction with rietveld

Project description

git-change is a git extension for interaction with rietveld code revie tool.

It is inspired by git-cl and use parts of code provided by Google in the codereview mercurial plugin available at the Go programming language repository.


You can use pip, easy_install or download it from PyPI:

% [sudo] pip install git-cl
% [sudo] easy_install git-cl
% git clone git://


To configure git-change, run the config command:

% git config git-change.server <server> (default is
% git config git-change.default-cc <default-cc-email> (default is none)


Create a new CL

Make a new branch, commit your changes and run:

% git change master

It will generate the new CL within Rietveld.

Update a CL

To update your CL, change make other commits and just run git change again. It will detect that there is already a CL associated with your current branch and upload a new patch-set.

More instructions soon :)

Project details

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