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A dashboard for monitoring code debt in a git repository.

Project description

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A dashboard for monitoring code debt in a git repository.


pip install git-code-debt


Basic / tl;dr Usage

make a generate_config.yaml

# required: repository to clone (can be anything `git clone` understands) even
# a repository already on disk

# required: database generation path
database: database.db

# optional: default False
skip_default_metrics: false

# optional: default []
metric_package_names: []

# optional: default ^$ (python regex) to exclude paths such as '^vendor/'
exclude: ^$

invoke the cli

# Generate code metric data (substitute your own repo path)
$ git-code-debt-generate
# Start the server
$ git-code-debt-server database.db

Updating data on an existing database

Adding data to the database is as simple as running generate again. git-code-debt will pick up in the git history from where data was generated previously.

$ git-code-debt-generate

Creating your own metrics

  1. Create a python project which adds git-code-debt as a dependency.
  2. Create a package where you'll write your metrics
  3. Add your package to metric_package_names in your generate_config.yaml

The simplest way to write your own custom metrics is to extend git_code_debt.metrics.base.SimpleLineCounterBase.

Here's what the base class looks like

class SimpleLineCounterBase(DiffParserBase):
    # ...

    def should_include_file(self, file_diff_stat: FileDiffStat) -> bool:
        """Implement me to return whether a filename should be included.
        By default, this returns True.

        :param FileDiffStat file_diff_stat:
        return True

    def line_matches_metric(self, line: bytes, file_diff_stat: FileDiffStat) -> bool:
        """Implement me to return whether a line matches the metric.

        :param bytes line: Line in the file
        :param FileDiffStat file_diff_stat:
        raise NotImplementedError

Here's an example metric

from git_code_debt.metrics.base import SimpleLineCounterBase

class Python__init__LineCount(SimpleLineCounterBase):
    """Counts the number of lines in"""

    def should_include_file(self, file_diff_stat: FileDiffStat) -> bool:
        return file_diff_stat.filename == b''

    def line_matches_metric(self, line: bytes, file_diff_stat -> FileDiffStat) -> bool:
        # All lines in match
        return True

An additional class is provided which feeds lines as text (SimpleLineCounterBase presents them as bytes): TextLineCounterBase. Here is an example metric using that base class:

from git_code_debt.metrics.base import TextLineCounterBase

class XXXLineCount(TextLineCounterBase):
    """Counts the number of lines which are XXX comments"""

    def text_line_matches_metric(self, line: str, file_diff_stat: FileDiffStat) -> bool:
        return '# XXX' in line

More complex metrics can extend DiffParserBase

class DiffParserBase(object):
    # Specify __metric__ = False to not be included (useful for base classes)
    __metric__ = False

    def get_metrics_from_stat(self, commit: Commit, file_diff_stats: Tuple[FileDiffStat, ...]) -> bool:
        """Implement me to yield Metric objects from the input list of
        FileStat objects.

            commit - Commit object
            file_diff_stats - list of FileDiffStat objects

           generator of Metric objects
        raise NotImplementedError

    def get_metrics_info(self) -> List[MetricInfo]:
        """Implement me to yield `MetricInfo` objects."""
        raise NotImplementedError

Some screenshots


Example screen index


Example screen graph

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