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Git delete merged branches

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Deleting Merged Branches


usage: git-del-br [-h] [-ls] [-r] [-l] [-a] [-t time] [-br branch]
                     [-pre prefix] [-suf suffix]

Tool for deleting remote and local merged branches from Git

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -ls, --list           Lists the branches (not delete)
  -r, --remote          remove merged branches
  -l, --local           Remove local branches
  -a, --all             Removes both local and remote merged branches
  -t time, --time time  All branches after t-time which the branch is merged
                        (in days) default = -1 means infinite days
  -br branch, --branch branch
                        Branch from which other branches will be analysed
                        (default = current_branch)
  -pre prefix, --prefix prefix
                        Filter branches based on prefix
  -suf suffix, --suffix suffix
                        Filter branches based on suffix

You can find more details about the project here.


  • For listing remote merged branches which haven’t been touched since past 3 months (last commit was 3 months ago)

    git-del-br -ls -r -t=90

For deleting those branches

git-del-br -r -t=90
  • For listing local branches which start with dev prefix

    git-del-br -ls -l -pre='dev'

For deleting those branches

git-del-br -l -pre='dev'


You can install this from pip using pip install git-del-br.


Fork the project. Create a branch from master or gh-pages and submit a PR to the same.


The mighty MIT license. Please check LICENSE for more details.

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