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Pretty-print `git` repository collaborators sorted by contributions

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Pretty-print git repository collaborators sorted by contributions.

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~$ git fame --cost hour,month --loc ins
Processing: 100%|██████████████████████████| 1/1 [00:00<00:00,  2.16repo/s]
Total commits: 1775
Total ctimes: 2770
Total files: 461
Total hours: 449.7
Total loc: 41659
Total months: 151.0
| Author               |   hrs |   mths |   loc |   coms |   fils |  distribution   |
| Casper da Costa-Luis |   228 |    108 | 28572 |   1314 |    172 | 68.6/74.0/37.3  |
| Stephen Larroque     |    28 |     18 |  5243 |    203 |     25 | 12.6/11.4/ 5.4  |
| pgajdos              |     2 |      9 |  2606 |      2 |     18 | 6.3/ 0.1/ 3.9   |
| Martin Zugnoni       |     2 |      5 |  1656 |      3 |      3 | 4.0/ 0.2/ 0.7   |
| Kyle Altendorf       |     7 |      2 |   541 |     31 |      7 | 1.3/ 1.7/ 1.5   |
| Hadrien Mary         |     5 |      1 |   469 |     31 |     17 | 1.1/ 1.7/ 3.7   |
| Richard Sheridan     |     2 |      1 |   437 |     23 |      3 | 1.0/ 1.3/ 0.7   |
| Guangshuo Chen       |     3 |      1 |   321 |     18 |      7 | 0.8/ 1.0/ 1.5   |
| Noam Yorav-Raphael   |     4 |      1 |   229 |     11 |      6 | 0.5/ 0.6/ 1.3   |
| github-actions[bot]  |     2 |      1 |   186 |      1 |     51 | 0.4/ 0.1/11.1   |

The distribution column is a percentage breakdown of loc/coms/fils. (e.g. in the table above, Casper has written surviving code in 172/461 = 37.3% of all files).


Latest PyPI stable release

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pip install git-fame

Latest development release on GitHub

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Pull and install:

pip install "git+"

Latest Conda release


conda install -c conda-forge git-fame

Latest Snapcraft release


snap install git-fame

Latest Docker release


docker pull casperdcl/git-fame
docker run --rm casperdcl/git-fame --help
docker run --rm -v </local/path/to/repository>:/repo casperdcl/git-fame

Register alias with git

On Windows, run:

git config --global alias.fame "!python -m gitfame"

This is probably not necessary on UNIX systems. If git fame doesn’t work after restarting the terminal on Linux & Mac OS, try (with single quotes):

git config --global alias.fame '!python -m gitfame'

Tab completion

Optionally, systems with bash-completion can install tab completion support. The git-fame_completion.bash file needs to be copied to an appropriate folder.

On Ubuntu, the procedure would be:

$ # Ensure completion works for `git` itself
$ sudo apt-get install bash-completion

$ # Install `git fame` completions
$ sudo wget \ \
    -O /etc/bash_completion.d/git-fame_completion.bash

followed by a terminal restart.


The list of all changes is available on the Releases page: GitHub-Status.


git fame              # If alias registered with git (see above)
git-fame              # Alternative execution as python console script
python -m gitfame     # Alternative execution as python module
git-fame -h           # Print help

For example, to print statistics regarding all source files in a C++/CUDA repository (*.c/h/t(pp), *.cu(h)), carefully handling whitespace and line copies:

git fame --incl '\.[cht][puh]{0,2}$' -twMC

It is also possible to run from within a python shell or script.

>>> import gitfame
>>> gitfame.main(['--sort=commits', '-wt', '/path/to/my/repo'])


Py-Versions README-Hits

  git-fame [--help | options] [<gitdir>...]

  <gitdir>       Git directory [default: ./].
                 May be specified multiple times to aggregate across
                 multiple repositories.

  -h, --help     Print this help and exit.
  -v, --version  Print module version and exit.
  --branch=<b>   Branch or tag [default: HEAD] up to which to check.
  --sort=<key>   [default: loc]|commits|files|hours|months.
  --loc=<type>   surv(iving)|ins(ertions)|del(etions)
                 What `loc` represents. Use 'ins,del' to count both.
                 defaults to 'surviving' unless `--cost` is specified.
  --excl=<f>     Excluded files (default: None).
                 In no-regex mode, may be a comma-separated list.
                 Escape (\,) for a literal comma (may require \\, in shell).
  --incl=<f>     Included files [default: .*]. See `--excl` for format.
  --since=<date>  Date from which to check. Can be absoulte (eg: 1970-01-31)
                  or relative to now (eg: 3.weeks).
  --cost=<method>  Include time cost in person-months (COCOMO) or
                   person-hours (based on commit times).
                   Methods: month(s)|cocomo|hour(s)|commit(s).
                   May be multiple comma-separated values.
                   Alters `--loc` default to imply 'ins' (COCOMO) or
                   'ins,del' (hours).
  -R, --recurse  Recursively find repositories & submodules within <gitdir>.
  -n, --no-regex  Assume <f> are comma-separated exact matches
                  rather than regular expressions [default: False].
                  NB: if regex is enabled ',' is equivalent to '|'.
  -s, --silent-progress    Suppress `tqdm` [default: False].
  --warn-binary  Don't silently skip files which appear to be binary data
                 [default: False].
  -e, --show-email  Show author email instead of name [default: False].
  --enum         Show row numbers [default: False].
  -t, --bytype             Show stats per file extension [default: False].
  -w, --ignore-whitespace  Ignore whitespace when comparing the parent's
                           version and the child's to find where the lines
                           came from [default: False].
  -M             Detect intra-file line moves and copies [default: False].
  -C             Detect inter-file line moves and copies [default: False].
  --ignore-rev=<rev>       Ignore changes made by the given revision
                           (requires `--loc=surviving`).
  --ignore-revs-file=<f>   Ignore revisions listed in the given file
                           (requires `--loc=surviving`).
  --format=<format>        Table format
      [default: pipe]|md|markdown|yaml|yml|json|csv|tsv|tabulate.
      May require `git-fame[<format>]`, e.g. `pip install git-fame[yaml]`.
      Any `tabulate.tabulate_formats` is also accepted.
  --manpath=<path>         Directory in which to install git-fame man pages.

If multiple user names and/or emails correspond to the same user, aggregate git-fame statistics and maintain a git repository properly by adding a .mailmap file.


Options such as -w, -M, and -C can increase accuracy, but take longer to compute.

Note that specifying --sort=hours or --sort=months requires --cost to be specified appropriately.

Note that --cost=months (--cost=COCOMO) approximates person-months and should be used with --loc=ins.

Meanwhile, --cost=hours (--cost=commits) approximates person-hours.

Extra care should be taken when using ins and/or del for --loc since all historical files (including those no longer surviving) are counted. In such cases, --excl may need to be significantly extended. On the plus side, it is faster to compute ins and del compared to surv.



Generating CODEOWNERS:

# bash syntax function for current directory git repository
  for f in $(git ls-files); do
    # filename
    echo -n "$f "
    # author emails if loc distribution >= 30%
    git fame -esnwMC --incl "$f" | tr '/' '|' \
      | awk -F '|' '(NR>6 && $6>=30) {print $2}' \
      | xargs echo

# print to screen and file
owners | tee .github/CODEOWNERS

# same but with `tqdm` progress for large repos
owners \
  | tqdm --total $(git ls-files | wc -l) \
    --unit file --desc "Generating CODEOWNERS" \
  > .github/CODEOWNERS

Zenodo config

Generating .zenodo.json:

git fame -wMC --format json \
  | jq -c '{creators: [.data[] | {name: .[0]}]}' \
  | sed -r -e 's/(\{"name")/\n    \1/g' -e 's/:/: /g' \
  > .zenodo.json


GitHub-Commits GitHub-Issues GitHub-PRs OpenHub-Status

All source code is hosted on GitHub. Contributions are welcome.


Open Source (OSI approved): LICENCE

Citation information: DOI-URI



We are grateful for all GitHub-Contributions.


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