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CLI tool to find git repositories.

Project description

A simple CLI tool for finding git repositories.


pip install git-find-repos

You may wish to install using pipx, which manages a virtual environment for git-find-repos for you.


git-find-repos will search recursively in the current directory for git repositories when invoked with no arguments:


Alternatively, you can run git-find-repos as if it were a subcommand of git:

git find-repos

You can also pass a directory to search:

git find-repos ~/src

I created this tool to aid navigating between repositories on my computer. I organise respostories in subdirectories corresponding to their HTTPS/SSH URLs on GitHub, Bitbucket and GitLab, e.g.:

  • ~/src/

  • ~/src/

  • ~/src/

To facilitate switching between repos quickly, I define a zsh function in my .zshrc shell configuration file that pipes the output of git-find-repos to fzy for fuzzy matching.

function repo {
    dest=$(git-find-repos ~/src | fzy -q "$initial_query" -l 20) && cd "$HOME/src/$dest"

When I need to switch to a repo, I run repo in my shell, type enough of the name to match the repo name, then hit enter to exit fzy and switch to the selected repo.

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