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pre-commit hook for Git

Project description

Hook that blocks bad commits. Useful for Python-development.


You can install, upgrade, uninstall git-pre-commit-hook with these commands:

$ pip install git-pre-commit-hook
$ pip install --upgrade git-pre-commit-hook
$ pip uninstall git-pre-commit-hook


  • Work fine with initial commit.

  • Work fine with all filenames.

  • Work with index contents instead of working copy.

  • Plugin architecture: adding new checks is easy.

  • Builtin plugins for:


Install hook to current Git-repository:

git-pre-commit-hook install \
  --plugin flake8 \
  --plugin frosted \
  --plugin json \
  --plugin file_size \
  --plugin rst \
  --plugin yaml

Installed hook rejects commits:

  • if any file has size greater than 10MB

  • if files with .json extension contains invalid JSON

  • if Python-code doesn’t pass check with flake8 (with pep8-naming)

  • if Python-code doesn’t pass check with frosted

  • if files with .rst extension contains invalid RST

  • if files with .yaml extension contains invalid YAML

List available plugins:

git-pre-commit-hook list-plugins

Show information about plugin:

git-pre-commit-hook show-plugin-info json


  1. Fork git-pre-commit-hook

  2. Clone your fork

  3. Install tox:

    pip install tox
  4. Create development environment:

    tox -e devenv
    source devenv/bin/activate
  5. Edit code

  6. Run tests:

  7. Send pull request

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