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Lemme make a PR for you to update that git submodule

Project description

# git-submodule-updater

A tool to automate making GitHub Pull Requests about updating git submodules.

You should be able to just give it the name of a repo (e.g. mozilla/kuma) and it finds out which submodules there are and looks to see if they can be updated.

## Demo

Not really a demo but [this pull request]( was entirely made from this script.

## Limitations and caveats

At the time of writing, this is a prototype. It’s doing the least possible to make the most basic thing work.

  • It requires that you’re allowed to push branches to the origin.

  • It only really works with

  • It’s doing the git clone with SSH. So not sure how to make this work in a server.

  • It’s only a CLI at the moment.

  • There’s no good way to auto-close now out-of-date older PRs

  • No unit tests

  • Not tested beyond the defaults of master and origin

  • It can only make 1 PR per the difference between the head and the submodule.

  • To see what the difference in a submodule update you have to rely on GitHub’s “Files changed” tab on the PR.

## Getting started

You’ll need a GitHub access token. Go to []( and create a token, copy and paste it into your .env file or use export. E.g.

cat .env GITHUB_ACCESS_TOKEN=a36f6736…

pip install git-submodule-updater gsmu # for example

If you don’t use a .env file you can use:

GITHUB_ACCESS_TOKEN=a36f6736… gsmu myorg/myrepo

## Goal

This tool should be possible to run as a CLI and as a web server so it can be connected to a GitHub repo Webhook.

## Contributing

Clone this repo then run:

pip install -e “.[dev]”

That should have installed the CLI gsmu

gsmu –help

If you wanna make a PR, make sure it’s formatted with black and passes flake8.

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