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A tool to synchronise common files between Git repositories

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# Git Common Sync
_A tool to synchronise common files between Git repositories._

## Features
- Programmatically synchronises git repositories according to a specification.
- Supports synchronisation of:
- Files and directories.
- Directories managed by [git-subrepo](
- Content generated using templates and project specific values.
- Ansible support.

## How to use
### Prerequisites
- git >= 2.10.0
- git-subrepo >= 0.3.1
- python >= 3.6
- rsync >= 3.1.1

### Installation
#### Ansible Module
- gitcommonsync:
author_name: Ansible Synchroniser
key_file: /custom/id_rsa
- src: /example/
overwrite: false
- src: /example/directory/
dest: config
- src: /example/
dest: ci/before_scripts.d/
message: "Hello world"
overwrite: true
- src:
dest: subrepos/other-repository
branch: master
overwrite: true

## Development
### Setup
Install both library dependencies and the dependencies needed for testing:
$ pip install -q -r requirements.txt
$ pip install -q -r test_requirements.txt

### Testing
To run the tests and generate a coverage report with unittest:
If you wish to run the tests inside a Docker container (recommended), build `Docker.test`.

## Alternatives
- Powerful but complex Ruby based alternative from the Puppet community:

## License
[MIT license](LICENSE.txt).

Copyright (c) 2017 Genome Research Limited

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