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Setuptools extensions for git compatibility. See the project home page at for details.

Project description


Package gitegginfo adds two setuptools commands to make it possible to use setuptools with git repositories when building development eggs. Problems occur in that setuptools specifically looks for subversion revision numbers, even when subversion is not the underlying SCM.

This package is intended for use with git-svn, which I use as an interface between git and subversion.


The gitegginfo command is an extension of setuptools’ egg_info command. Where the egg_info command is unwisely specific to the subversion version control system, the gitegginfo command is unwisely and explicitly tied to the Git DVCS (distributed version control system).


The sdist command that comes with setuptools is used to generate source distributions, i.e. tarballs. When building a development (“dev”) egg, setuptools attempts to query the current revision number via the egginfo command, which fails for reasons described above. The gitsdist command instead uses the gitegginfo command to get the revision information.

Sample Commands

To build an .egg-info folder with git-svn revision data:

python gitegginfo -r

To build a development source distribution:

python gitegginfo -rDb dev gitsdist


If you run into the problem where setuptools isn’t including all your code in the created egg, you may need to install package setuptools-git.


As I write this, the Python packaging infrastructure is in a dismal state.

See Also

distutils, git, git-svn, sdist, setuptools, setuptools-git, subversion


0.3 - 2011-07-08

  • added gitsdist command [jt]

0.2 - 2010-06-22

  • bug fix / ‘git-svn’ invocation [jt]

0.1 - 2010-04-08

  • pulls git-svn revision [jt]

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