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A tool to get email addresses by action types such as starred, watching or fork on GitHub repositories; Send email content to those addresses with a template.

Project description

## github-email-explorer

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For people who want to create an email marketing plan for particular group on
GitHub, github-email-explorer can collect addresses from a repository you want,
and then send email content to those email addresses.

### Installation

pip install github-email-explorer

There are two commends can be used in github-email-explorer,

* ```ge-explore```: Get email address list from stargazers, forks or watchers on a repository
* ```ge-sendgrid```: Send email by list or repository name with SendGrid API

SendGrid is only one email provider at current progress.

### Example of Getting Email Addresses from Stargazers, Forks or Watchers

#### A. Using Command

$ ge-explore --repo yuecen/github-email-explorer --action_type star fork watch

John (john2) <>; Peter James (pjames) <>;

You can get user email by ```ge-explore``` with ```<owner>/<repo>```. The email
addresses are responded in a formatted string. You can copy contact list to any
email service you have, then send your email with those contact address.

(If you encounter the situation of limitation from GitHub server during running
the command, please add ```--client_id <your_github_auth_id> --client_secret <your_github_auth_secret>```
with the command above. Get *Client ID* and *Client Secret* by [OAuth applications].)

#### B. Using Python Script

from github_email_explorer import github_email

ges = github_email.collect_email_info('yuecen', 'github-email-explorer', ['star', 'watch'])

for ge in ges:
print ge.g_id, "->",, ",",

# With Authentication
# github_api_auth = ('<your_client_id>', '<your_client_secret>')
# ges = github_email.collect_email_info('yuecen', 'github-email-explorer', ['star', 'watch'],
# github_api_auth=github_api_auth)

$ python examples/

0john123 -> P.J. John,
pjames56 -> Peter James,

You can find in *examples* folder.

### How to Send a Email to GitHub Users from a Particular Repository?

#### 1. Write Email Content with Template Format

The [Jinja2] is used to render email content in github-email-explorer, basic
[expressions] make email content more flexible for personal information.

Here is an example to use following syntax, the file saved to ```examples/marketing_email.txt```

subject: Thanks for using {{repository}}
repository: yuecen/github-email-explorer
repository_owner: yuecen
repository_name: github-email-explorer
site: GitHub

<p>Hi {{ }} ({{ user.g_id }}),</p>
<p>Thank you for trying {{ repository_owner }}/{{ repository_name }}!</p>


<p>I look forward to seeing you on GitHub :)</p>

| Metadata Field | Description |
| --------------- |:------------- |
| subject | email subject |
| from | sender address|
| from_name | sender name |
| user | you can put an email list with a well format for parse user's ```name``` and ```g_id```. For example, ```John (john2) <>; Peter James (pjames) <>```. If you don't put an email list, the repository field will be used for running ge-explore to get email list. |
| repository | full repository name on GitHub|
| repository_owner| repository owner |
| repository_name | repository name |

```site``` is not a essential field, it will be in SendGrid custom_args field for log

You can use syntax ```{{ ... }}``` to substitute metadata field in runtime stage for personal information.

#### 2. Send Email

In order to send email to many users flexibly, we combine the email list from
result of ge-explore and SendGrid to approach it.

ge-sendgrid --api_key <your_sendgrid_api_key>
--template_path <github-email-explorer_folder_path>/examples/marketing_email.txt

The following image is an real example of email format for ge-sendgrid command.

> <img src="examples/marketing_email.png" width="300">

### More...

In order to understand API [rate limit] you are using, the status information
can be found by github-email-explorer command.

Without authentication

$ ge-explore --status

Resource Type Limit Remaining Reset Time
--------------- ------- ----------- --------------------
Core 60 60 2016-07-07T04:56:12Z
Search 10 10 2016-07-07T03:57:12Z

With authentication

You can request more than 60 using authentication by [OAuth applications]

$ ge-explore --status --client_id <your_github_auth_id> --client_secret <your_github_auth_secret>

== GitHub API Status ==
Resource Type Limit Remaining Reset Time
--------------- ------- ----------- --------------------
Core 5000 5000 2016-07-06T07:59:47Z
Search 30 30 2016-07-06T07:00:47Z

[rate limit]:
[OAuth applications]:

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