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command line tool to migrate projects from GitHub to GitLab

Project description


github2gitlab is a command line tool to mirror projects from GitHub to GitLab. It does the following, in sequence:

  • Upload the ~/.ssh/ ssh key to gitlab if not found

  • Create the gitlab project if it does not exist

  • Mirror the github git repository to the gitlab git repository

  • Create or update the GitLab merge requests to match the GitHub pull requests


Mirror to

github2gitlab \
   --gitlab-url \
   --gitlab-token sxQJ67SQKihMrGWVf \
   --github-repo dachary/test

Mirror to and use the GitHub token to be allowed to do more requests than when anonymous. Use –ignore-closed to get rid of pull requests that are closed and were never merged.

github2gitlab \
   --gitlab-url \
   --gitlab-token sxQJ67SQKihMrGWVf \
   --gitlab-repo ceph/ceph-backports \
   --github-token 64933d355fda9844aadd4e224d \
   --github-repo ceph/ceph \

Mirroring details

The GitHub git repository contains a reference for each pull requests. For instance the pull request 483 has the refs/pull/483/head reference which is the tip of the branch that was pushed. If the pull request is open and can be merged on the destination, the reference refs/pull/483/merge also exists and is the result of the merge.

Instead of mirroring the refs/pull/* references to GitLab, they are moved to refs/heads/pull/* so they become branches. If GitLab CI is watching the project, it will run a job each time the pull/*/head reference is updated.

The pull requests title and description are mirrored exactly. The state of the pull request cannot be mapped exactly and is translated as follows:

if the pull request is opened, the merge request is opened
if the pull request is closed,
  if the pull request merged_at field is null,
    the merge request is closed
    the merge request is merged

If a merge request is opened to mirror a pull request that has been merged already, GitLab will refuse to set it to the merged state because it notices that there would be nothing to merge. In this case the merge request is set to the closed state and the :MERGED: string is append to the description.


  • Get the code : git clone

  • Run the unit tests : tox

  • Run the integration tests. They require a gitlab token and a github token from actual users with permissions to delete and create projects. The github project specified with –github-repo and the github project specified with –gitlab-repo will be removed and all their data and git repository lost during the test.

    PYTHONPATH=. tests/

    –gitlab-url –gitlab-token XXXXXXXXX –gitlab-repo dachary/testrepo2 –github-token XXXXXXXXX –github-repo dachary/testrepo –ssh-public-key ~/.ssh/ –verbose

  • Tag a version

  • version=1.3.0 ; perl -pi -e “s/^version.*/version = $version/” setup.cfg ; for i in 1 2 ; do python sdist ; amend=$(git log -1 –oneline | grep –quiet “version $version” && echo –amend) ; git commit $amend -m “version $version” ChangeLog setup.cfg ; git tag -a -f -m “version $version” $version ; done

  • Check the documentation : rst2html < README.rst > /tmp/a.html

  • Publish a new version

  • python sdist upload –sign

  • git push ; git push –tags

  • pypi maintenance

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